Important Steps to Keep in Mind Before You Hire WordPress Developer

Hire WordPress Developer

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular CMS. It started as a basic blogging engine in 2003, but now it has become a fully customizable website-building tool that millions use worldwide. Research suggests that as of 2021, there were 455 million WordPress websites around the globe. This demand for WordPress sites has (naturally) led to the drastically increased demand for WordPress developers.

Brands are searching for WordPress developers who can handle their complete website building process. But finding a skilled WordPress developer is a grueling, daunting, and tiresome task because you must consider numerous aspects before you can hire web developers that can fulfill your requirements. To help you there, here’s a quick guide on how to hire dedicated WordPress developers.

Complete Checklist on How to Hire WordPress Developer

1.  Identify your requirements

Before you start with the hiring process, make sure to list your business’srequirements. You first need to understand what kind of website you want:

  • eCommerce website
  • Blog website
  • Event website
  • Portfolio website, etc

As there are different types of WordPress developers, you have to choose one according to your requirements:-

a)    Core developer:-

WordPress core developers handle back-end features of the platform. They work on internal functions of the software and are able to write code as well to improve the working of WordPress.

b)   Plug in developer

Plugins are extensions that offer websites more functionality. Interestingly, there are plugin developers who are solely responsible for the plugins to be used on the website. So, to make your website user-friendly, hiring a plugin developer can be a good decision.

c)    Theme developer

The general layout and style of your website are reflected in the theme. Since it includes what the user sees on their end, theme creation is a significant component of front-end development. You will find hundreds of free themes on this CMS, but if you want to stand out, you might have to purchase the theme. But for this, you need the expertise of theme developers.

Now you can choose the developer you want for your project as you know the different kinds of developers who can operate on the WordPress platform. Or, you can also employ a web development organization with all kinds of experts to meet your needs rather than hiring individual web developers for various tasks.

After deciding this, you can move ahead with the process.

2. Start the search

You can find thousands of WordPress developers online. For example, you can straightway search “WordPress development company” on Google, and you will see hundreds of results showing up. As a result, you can check the companies ranking in the top 10, or you can see articles on the top web development company that helps you get an idea of an appropriate company.

Another way is to search for WordPress developers on sites like Upwork, freelancer, and LinkedIn. 

Once you decide on the platform, create a job post containing all the important information given below:-

  1. Exact position:- blog website developer, Front-end developer, back-end developer
  2. Skills required
  3. Experience
  4. Responsibilities and tasks
  5. Type of employment:- part-time, full-time, freelancer

3. Check the portfolio

Once you complete the second step, you will have a list of web developers, agencies, freelancers, or full-time employees, depending on your requirement. The third step would be to start with their portfolio check. The top WordPress development company in India or professionals are aware that having a website and portfolio is the most effective way to showcase their skills. So they keep their portfolios ready to present to the clients and make their website as attractive as possible to showcase what they can do.

But during the portfolio check, you will have to keep your project’s scope in mind so that you make the right decision according to your project requirement.

However, if you are unable to view their portfolio on the website, you can ask them to email you a handful to have a look. But if the company or a freelancer fails to provide you with the project, you should straightaway reject them. Also, reject the ones whose previous work don’t match your requirements.

4. Check the reviews

Reviews play a very important role in the decision-making process. Do not only trust the reviews on the company’s website or social media platforms. You should search for reviews on third-party websites as well. Many websites like provide genuine reviews for software developers and IT solution providers. This third-party review provider also gets directly in touch with the companies and professionals to know their experience. Hence these are a great source of trustworthy reviews.

In this stage, remove the ones with zero or very few reviews and those with more negative reviews than positive ones.

5. Ask for a trial

Many web development companies already offer free trials to build clients’ trust, but if the one you have shortlisted doesn’t offer samples, then you can ask them for one. Such a trial will give you a real idea of how the whole process will work, whether they can yield the results you want, and what challenges you might face if you sign the contract with them. For a free trial, you can assign a short project that can be a mini version of your requirements to be submitted within the timeframe.

6. Ask for a detailed quote

After shortlisting 4-5 web developers for the final call:

  1. Ask them for a detailed quotation.
  2. Check for specific costs like features and improvements; for example, because many WordPress developers bill by the hour, the prospective cost will be higher the bigger your site is. This will save you from unpleasant shocks in the future.
  3. Request a detailed project plan with real costs and completion dates if you think the initial quotation is acceptable.

7. Compare the price

This is a very crucial step in hiring a web developer. You should not just go for a low-priced web development company as there are chances that they might compromise with the quality. At the same time, high prices do not automatically mean great results.

So, before making the final selection, compare the prices, and you can also ask for the reason behind the high or low pricing asked by them so that you get more clarity. For example, the one whose prices are comparatively high might be offering you more than the others; they might be offering you something unique and important that others missed.

8. Take the final call

After comparing and clearing all your doubts about the pricing, it’s time for you to make the final call about which web development company you want to hire. After making the decision, it is also important to finish all the paperwork like signing the contract, NDA, etc., so as to start the work as quickly as possible.


WordPress is growing in popularity even as it remains one of the most widely used CMS platforms. Naturally, with the right developer, this platform will open the route to many new opportunities for your business. So, follow this checklist to start your search. You can also hire web developers in India at reasonable costs, with complete remote project execution capabilities and well-developed communication skills.

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