How to Keep Your WooCommerce Site Secure?

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Woocommerce is a plugin offered by WordPress to cater for the eCommerce needs of organisations. You can use the Woocommerce plugin to start your online store. If you are not familiar with technology, you can get Woocommerce development services from an experienced agency and digitise your store. As Woocommerce is an open-source platform you can create your online store keeping in mind the requirements of your business.

With Woocommerce you get useful features such as easy content management, customisation, modular system and much more. However, the most important thing for an eCommerce site is security. Though Woocommerce is secure and comes with the trust of WordPress, still you can take extra measures to protect your site from any sort of cyberattacks.

Here are 5 ways that can help you keep your Woocommerce site secure:

  1. Select a trusted host- Hosting plays an important role in keeping your website secure. While starting your site, spend some time selecting the best hosting service that aligns with your site and requirements. Pay close attention to the things like SSL certificate, server firewall, attack monitoring and prevention, these can add an extra layer of security for your website. Your host should be capable of isolating malicious files. You can also seek help from your Woocommerce development company in selecting the best host for your site.
  2. Create strong passwords- According to many reports, weak passwords are one of the reasons cyber attackers get successful in hacking a site. To prevent this, always create strong passwords which are not easy to guess. Avoid using your name or other such predictable passwords as with one loophole you can lose your site or your confidential data.
  3. Enable 2FA- This refers to Two Factor Authentication. It is a very useful feature that can help you to keep your website secure from unwanted logins. Once you enable the two-factor authentication, the platform will automatically ask you to do the second step for login to your website. The second step is generally validating the login from your other mobile phone.
  4. Keep your site updated- The software keeps on updating to bring in the latest and improved versions. Always keep the plugins, extensions, themes and other things updated as it will keep your site error and bug-free. Your site would remain safe even if some intruder tries to get in. To keep your site in the best state, you can also hire a Woocommerce agency in London for the maintenance and support service.
  5. Backup your data- It is always advisable to backup your site from time to time. With this, you can keep all your data safe in case of any adversary. However, This does not mean that you can keep the security of your website loose thinking that you have the backup. Backups are to control the damage if the security of your website is breached.


At last, as the number of cyberattacks is increasing rapidly, you must do every possible thing to keep your website secure. Further, if once the security of your website is branched people would not trust the site and would be hesitant to share their confidential information over your store. This can affect the sales and growth of your business enormously.

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