How Magento Consulting Service Can Help You Grow Your Business?

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Do you own a Magento eCommerce store? You have selected a great platform to start your digital journey but it is not the last step. After developing your Magento store it is important to keep it up to date with the latest features, security updates and putting it in front of your potential customers. You might face problems such as low sales, high bounce rate and others, despite having a good sight.

Your developer may leave once the development process is done and your site gets live. And here Magento eCommerce consulting London comes to your rescue. You might not be aware of how to grow your Magento store but a Magento consulting expert can help you with this.

Check out how Magento consulting services London can help your eCommerce business:

  1. User-Friendly UX & UI Design- One of the reasons for low sales can be the UX & UI Design of your website. Magento consultants are not only aware of the inside out of Magento but they also understand the online purchasing behaviour of customers. They can suggest practical improvements in the design of your website that can help your visitors find the products with ease. Your customers will not buy their desired product if they don’t find it easily.
  2. Custom module and extension development- According to your industry and business needs, Magento consultants can suggest custom extensions that can help to improve the conversion rate of your website. With the Magento extensions, you can also give a better user experience to the customers and provide a smooth shopping experience.
  3. Content strategy- To make people trust your brand and create a bond with customers, you need to have a good content strategy. A consultant can give you a content strategy that can help you reach out to more people. In the sales funnel, it is essential to provide visitors with useful content that adds value to their life or solves their problems.
  4. Security- If you face any security threats on your website, get in touch with a Magento consultant who can help you to keep your site secure. A Magento expert can add extra layers of security to your website. Also, it can find loopholes in your website that can invite threats. It’s important to keep your site safe because once the security of your site is compromised people will not trust it easily. It can impact the image of your brand.
  5. SEO strategy- If you have done everything to grow sales of your website but still not getting the results. It can be because of poor SEO strategy. A Magento consultant can give you a plan to optimise your website for search engines. It is important to optimise content, URLs, meta titles and meta descriptions of all pages. Further, they can also help in optimising your site for web and mobile. When the loading speed of your website is less it can help you reduce the bounce rate.


Conclusively, getting the services of a consultant is a good idea for the growth of your website. With the help of expert advice, you can take the necessary steps to grow your business. At M2 Commerce we help businesses to optimise their Magento websites and get the best out of them by providing Magento consultation services. Get in touch with us today to get a growth plan.

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