How to Increase Website Organic Traffic in 2021 – 5 Secrets

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While inorganic traffic has gained huge popularity in the past few years. It is very common to question the effectiveness of organic traffic for businesses. If you own a website for your business, then you must be having the same thought, haven’t you? Well, we are going to give you all the answers regarding the non-paid/ organic traffic.

We understand there is nothing like enough web traffic for a business. Since the more your web traffic increases, it simultaneously helps to grow your business as well. This is why we have conducted thorough research on organic traffic to give you all the required details that will aid you in running your business successfully by boosting your organic traffic. But before we get into different methods of increasing your organic traffic, let’s first learn more about organic traffic and its importance.

What is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is the traffic you get from search engine results without paying anything, it is the result of the searched query being automatically calculated according to the algorithm. Unlike inorganic traffic from Pay Per Click and social media marketing, organic traffic is the one that is earned and not paid. Traffic from an organic search engine result has the most potential of converting. Hence, if you need your business to grow, you need to apply the best practices of improving your organic traffic.

Why Is Organic Traffic Important For Your Business?

It brings relevant traffic: the best part about website organic traffic is that all the users come to your page with the intent of buying a certain product or service from you. Thus, the chances of converting are huge.

Decreases bounce rate: with organic traffic you gain people who find your website very relevant. With that you are perceived as a more credible and professional source that draws them to your brand. As a result, they explore your website more instead of bouncing off from it.

It is free and always will be: paid ads drive traffic to your website only till you pay their bills. Whereas organic traffic is 100% free to gain and you do not have to worry about losing visitors because of not spending money on ads.

Elevated customer loyalty: unlike in organic search, the user mindset of organic traffic is different. The user coming to your website via organic search is looking for your product or service. After buying from you once, if they have a satisfactory experience, there are high chances of them coming back to you again and again.

Boosted brand credibility and recognition: as mentioned above, organic searches increase your customer loyalty. Hence, they help you in repetitive appearances across results. As a result, search engines will start to lift up your ranking, which in turn will help you to gain brand recognition and brand loyalty.

5 best ways to increase website traffic in 2021

  1. Make your web pages more relevant: Infuse relevant keywords on your website

In the quest of appeasing search engines for better rankings, companies often pass over their main target, the visitors of their website. While they try hard to make their content search engine friendly, search engines strive to make themselves as user friendly as possible. To make their results more relevant, search engines take into consideration a lot of measurable metrics such as dwell time, pages visited, etc. to rank pages. These metrics highly depend on the experience of the visitors to your web page. If people stay on your site for a long time, it indicates that your site is relevant and is providing a positive experience to your visitors. But if your site isn’t optimized for your audience, there are higher risks of boosted bounce rates, which leads to lower rankings in search results and less organic traffic. Hence, it is vital to focus directly on humans (your website visitors) instead of search engines because at the end your business growth will be determined on the basis of your valuable customers.

  1. Optimize for Voice Search

Voice searches are the future as they are continuously increasing. According to Google, 20% of searches are conducted on voice-enabled devices, which will boost up to 55% by the end of 2022. Imagine that a person is in a hurry to buy a product or a service that you are offering and to save time or the effort of typing the search query, the person uses a smart option of using voice search. You surely do not want to miss the opportunity to rank on the top and gain a new customer. Hence, you should optimize your website for voice search. It would make your business more credible, giving you an edge over your competitors.

For better voice search results, you can do the following:

  • Use long tail keywords: Long-tail keywords are generally the ones that contain three or more words. They play a vital role in voice search as long tail keywords are more specific in use. So in order to make your website voice search friendly use effective long tail keywords.
  • Use structured data: Structured data is a standardized format to display information about the web page and helps search engines to better understand what the website is all about. They are even used in the form of rich snippets by search engines to visually improve the user experience. There are several types of structured data and all of them help Google and other search engines better understand the subject and themes of a website resulting in improved rankings.
  1. Work on your page speed

Page speed is one of the most important factors in determining the user experience of your website. In this fast-paced world, nobody has the endurance to wait several minutes for a website to load and display its content, especially for someone who is looking to buy a certain thing. If you have a slow loading website, you should immediately work on boosting its speed as with a slow to load website your bounce rate will increase significantly and on top of that, your SERP rankings will be impacted negatively. In both cases, you will lose potential customers and a lot of revenue.

  1. Create an enticing title tag and meta description

After searching when users see you in the result listing, your title tag and meta description is the first thing they see. That is why it is essential to make them relevant and eye-catching so that you do not miss a valuable opportunity to increase organic traffic to your website. For your title tag, you should try to limit the character length to 60 while integrating your core keyword at the front to infuse relevancy to it. Do not forget to make your title tag interesting and fun. This will promote people to click on your website. For your meta description try to keep the character length within 160 including your core keyword. Ensure that your meta tag description provides a clear idea regarding your brand so that your audience gets aware of what to expect from your website.

  1. Create a Diverse Backlink

You can increase your organic traffic without optimizing your website with the help of backlinking. Backlinks are the links to your website from other external sites. These links help boost your website’s credibility in your industry and help to generate organic traffic in two ways.

The first is when someone comes to your website via an external web page. For example, if you sell furniture and someone mentions you with a link in their listing of top places to buy furniture most of the people reading the article will click the link and visit your website. Besides that, earning credible backlinks will also elevate your rankings as they will boost your trust and authority.

How can you earn more backlinks?

The most efficient way to earn backlinks is by creating interestingly relevant content. For that, you can make use of your blog as it can be used on multiple platforms to derive visitors to your site via backlinking. Since blogs are very versatile, they create various opportunities for you to reach people who will link back to your posts on their own page.

Why do businesses lose organic traffic?

It is equally important to know what damages your organic traffic growth as without them you will never be able to successfully execute the above-mentioned ways to increase organic traffic. Following are the most fatal mistakes that kill organic traffic. Try to recognize and rectify anything you find is creating a hinder in the growth of your business.

These were all the essential factors that hold the power to either make or break your organic traffic generation. If you have been doing things wrong in the past, it is not too late to do them correctly yet. If you still find it difficult to identify and work on the problems, you can always take professional seo services for the best results.

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