How to Develop 10 Minute Grocery Delivery App like Zepto?

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After the pandemic, online grocery delivery services as a whole saw their popularity growing manifold. Thanks to grocery delivery apps like Zepto in particular, the industry has witnessed a drastic transformation.

So the question arises, what is the USP of the app in the first place that it has gone on to attract the attention of those operating a traditional offline grocery store? This is in their quest to develop an app similar to the aforementioned one so that they can successfully reach out to more customers and earn more profitable returns.

If you are also among one of them who is planning to achieve something similar, the article is for you. Upon reading it, you will get a comprehensive understanding of the steps that will help you in your grocery delivery app development journey so accomplishing these two aspects is a cakewalk for you.

So let us not waste any more time and let us begin this exciting journey with a bang.

1. All You Need to Know about Zepto

Launched in 2021, Zepto has earned its reputation as an online grocery delivery service provider that makes groceries easily accessible by customers upon the order they place on the app within 10 minutes.

Through the easy operations it has when the customer enters the platform to select the items they need and places an order thereafter, they get the flexibility of receiving them at their desired destination within 10 minutes only.

This unique aspect has been responsible for the app observing its market value growing in a lucrative way.

2. Global Market Value of Zepto

Check out the attractive numbers to get an overview of the lucrative nature of the Zepto app and understand the reasons for its popularity.

  • Growth in profits to take place at a CAGR of 37.1% between 2021 to 2028
  • The value of the app was $2.9 billion in 2020
  • Revenues the app made were around ₨ 396 billion in 2022
  • Market size to become ₨ 1034 billion by 2023

Having a comprehensive view of the app’s popularity through the numbers, let us now get an insight into the features it contains.

3. Unique Features of Zepto

Zepto has three main segments – namely, the customer, the grocery store, and the delivery driver. Each of these segments has its respective apps. These apps have unique features in them so that the connection remains flawless.

4. Their Business Model

Take a peek at the image below.

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The image above gives a comprehensive view of the delivery model Zepto follows. Discussing in detail, the app has a category of target customers who wish to get groceries delivered quickly to them.

The items are readily available from the dark stores from where they get picked up and made available to customers upon order placed by them.

So now that you are aware of the different factors that categorize the app’s popularity, let us understand the stages of Zepto app development to assist you in the journey when you set out on the journey to develop a grocery delivery app like Zepto.

5. How to Develop Grocery Delivery App like Zepto?

To develop a grocery delivery app like Zepto so that customers get access to 10-minute grocery delivery services, it is recommended you keep some pointers in mind.

1. Adopt Appropriate Revenue Channel

It is recommended that before anything else you adopt an appropriate revenue channel before you even start the journey of Zepto app development.

Here are three main methods through which the app makes money.

  • Delivery charges to customers where the app charges a particular amount above what customers pay.
  • Membership fees to users allow them to avail of special offers and based on the offers the app earns a particular amount of revenue.
  • Advertisement fees to stores for the listings they do on the app

Conduct thorough research on them, and implement one you feel will allow you to capitalize on profits through the app that you develop.

2. Research

Research is a vital aspect of the success journey. Hence, when you are building a grocery delivery app along the lines of this app, you need to study your competitors carefully.

This follows next by assessing the needs of your target market. Once you have assessed these two, you will be able to formulate an app design strategy that will allow more user retention and app downloads in the end.

3. Choose Robust Technologies

You must select robust tech stacks when you set out on the journey for grocery delivery app development services.

This will ensure that your end-solution works without any form of roadblocks or discrepancies whatsoever thereby making sure that more users remain engaged with it and can perform seamless grocery delivery services through it. Here are some that you can particularly use for this purpose.

  • Backend – Laravel
  • Admin panel – Laravel Nova, HTML5 and CSS
  • Database – MongoDB, MySQL
  • Payments – Braintree, PayPal, Stripe
  • Geolocation – Google Maps API
  • Server – AWS

4. Get the Grocery Delivery App Clone

To ensure that your grocery delivery app development takes place at cost-effective prices, it is recommended that you get the readymade grocery delivery app clone to your advantage. This is particularly when you wish to develop a 10-minute grocery delivery solution like Zepto. Hence, it is recommended that you get access to the Zepto clone app.

As a result of the solution being ready-made, you will get the support to make easy modifications within based on future business and customer needs thereby helping you to accomplish scalability and growth in a short time.

However, it is recommended that you research thoroughly the company from whom you purchase the solution. Check their portfolio, client reviews, etc. After assessing these areas, when you get confirmation that the company is capable to handle your project, get in touch with them. It is suggested to outsource the grocery delivery app development services so that you can save on finances.

Last, share your requirements with them and assess their understanding. Once you feel the organization understands the concept, get your app development journey ready. Observe the solution later allowing you to streamline the way you provide grocery delivery services and assisting you to earn returns like never before.

Let us now calculate the cost to build a Zepto-like app.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Zepto-Like App?

While developing a 10-minute grocery delivery solution, keep the app design and features user-friendly and relevant. This will ensure that the budget for the app development journey remains constant.

However, if we want to get a formative figure of the cost to build a Zepto-like app, it will be between $15,000 to $35,000.

Wrapping Up

Do you want to enter the profitable grocery delivery market with a solution that makes it easy for customers to get their groceries delivered within 10 minutes? The strategy of Zepto app development is the right path to take. When you develop a grocery delivery app like Zepto, you can successfully make it easy for customers to get groceries delivered to them within 10 minutes only.

To streamline the journey, outsource grocery delivery app development services to a company having expertise in Zepto clone app development to observe your revenues and profits going up like never before.

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