How to Combine Email Accounts in Outlook 365? Reliable Guide?

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User Query:

We have been rebranding our firm. Therefore, we need to create a new outlook account with the new company name. I’m aware that I can set up an automated forward, but I’m concerned that all of my email history with customers is stored in folders on my current Outlook 365 account. Is it possible to combine mailboxes such that the folders from my previous account appear in the inbox of my new account? Please suggest a good method.


Do you have two Outlook 365 accounts as well? You must be having trouble moving between accounts on a regular basis.

Finally, you have made the correct option by combining your two Outlook 365 email accounts.

You may have one personal and one professional Outlook 365 account if you are a business or an individual. This may be done to handle a variety of people and data.

However, if a company purchase is necessary, especially when merging messaging systems, trust me, they are never straightforward. If Office 365 is involved, administrators must be prepared.

A corporate merger or purchase might be challenging for administrators entrusted with consolidating two different email accounts onto a single messaging platform.

And, as Office 365 grows in popularity in the workplace, admins will inevitably have to integrate Office 365 accounts at some point. These modifications must be implemented without causing any inconvenience to end users.

It is common for Office 365 users to be doubtful about the process of merging two Office 365 accounts. That is why we have come up with this article to clear all your doubts and suggest you a tool using which you will easily be able to merge your Office 365 accounts.

How To Merge Email Accounts In Outlook 365?

Unfortunately, there is no manual way to consolidate two Office 365 accounts. Even if a manual solution is available, it needs careful planning and preparation to ensure that the mail flow is not disrupted.

You can utilize two accounts concurrently, however this is not practical for every business.

So, you may transmit emails from one Outlook 365 account to another using a third-party service.

Here’s How You Can Combine Email Accounts in Outlook 365

You may utilize Office 365 Merge, a professional tool. The application will combine not just mailbox items such as emails, but also contacts, calendars, and documents across the two Outlook 365 accounts. Two Office 365 accounts from the same or separate Office 365 domains can be merged. You also have the option of prioritizing which accounts to merge first.

Follow The Steps To Merge Email Accounts In Outlook 365:

Step 1: Download and launch the tool on your system.

Step 2: Select the objects to be merged (emails, contacts, calendars, and documents) in order to merge email accounts in outlook 365.

Step 3: Login to both the source and destination Office 365 tenants.

Step 4: Begin the process of combining Office 365 tenant data.

Other features of the tool:

  • It will not expose or keep the user’s Office 365 account details.
  • If you like, you may also use filters to combine email accounts in outlook 365.
  • You may link two Office 365 accounts by automatically authenticating the mailboxes.
  • Valid Exchange Online mailbox details must be provided in order for the mailboxes to be merged.
  • The ability to simply import a CSV file for adding Office 356 account data.
  • It allows for the consolidation of Office 365 tenants following a merger or acquisition.

What is the Need to Merge Office 365 Accounts?

Here are several instances in which two Office 365 accounts must be merged.

  • If you have both a business and a personal Office 365 account, you may need to merge them if you wish to utilize them as one.
  • When one company buys another, they strive to combine their Office 365 accounts to eliminate any inconsistencies.

Last Words

If you have two Outlook 365 email accounts and are finding it difficult to utilize them together, you should certainly consolidate them. Although combining two Office 365 accounts is not required, people who wish to utilize their corporate and personal accounts together frequently prefer to merge the Office 365 accounts. Unfortunately, there is no manual tool accessible to perform it, thus we have described the solution for this query i.e. how to merge email accounts in outlook 365 in this blog article. You may use it to merge not only your emails but also all other mailbox items safely without any hassle.

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