How Smoking Can Ruin Your Looks?

How Smoking Can Ruin Your Looks

Smoking is not good for your overall health. Your sex life, brain, lungs and heart can have a bad impact because of smoking. Its ill effects can be seen event after quitting this habit. For example, on your face black pockmarks can develop because of smoking. Now I am going to tell you how smoking can ruin your looks.

1. Just below your eyes the bags can develop – If you smoke then you will not be able to have a sound sleep at night. When you sleep at night and wake up in the morning then you will feel unrested and this type of feeling will be four times more as compared to the people who do not smoke. Because of this, bags can develop just below your eyes.

2. Risk of Psoriasis increases – It doesn’t matter whether you smoke or not but a skin condition that is autoimmune-related can develop in your body and it is known as Psoriasis. But there are a lot of chances of your skin becoming scaly if you smoke. There is a 20 % more risk of Psoriasis when for 10 years you smoke a pack of cigarettes daily.  

3. Your teeth can become icky – Everybody wants his teeth to look white and dazzling. But your teeth will no more look like this if you smoke. Staining of the teeth can occur because of nicotine. Therefore, if you smoke a lot then you should also spend money on whitening the teeth and for that purpose, you need to visit a dentist regularly.

4. Wrinkles can develop and premature aging can occur – If you smoke a lot then wrinkles can develop on your face. But why it happens? For keeping healthy and supple skin tissue, a proper supply of blood is necessary and this supply gets hampered if you smoke. The aging also speeds up if you smoke cigarettes.

5. Your fingers become yellow – Stains can occur on your nails and fingers if you smoke. However, bleach solutions and lemon juice are some home remedies that you can use for removing stains. But it will be much better if you quit smoking.

6. Your hair becomes thin – Thinning of the hair occurs if you smoke a lot. The hair follicles have DNA present inside them which can get damaged if you smoke. But why it happens? The smoke of cigarettes contains a number of chemicals that are toxic because of which all this happens. The chances of losing hair increase if you smoke a lot.

7. Scars can occur on your skin – There is a possibility that the body’s various parts start getting the blood having oxygen in a limited amount only. All this happens when the blood vessels are narrowed down because of a condition known as vasoconstriction and this condition occurs if you smoke nicotine. As a result, so much time will be taken in the healing of the wounds. Because of this, you will have redder and bigger scars.

8. You can lose your teeth – Gum disease, oral cancer and several other dental problems can occur if you smoke a lot. Research suggests that you can lose teeth if you smoke a lot.

9. Your skin’s natural glow goes away – If you smoke a lot then your skin turns grey and along with this gauntness, wrinkles and other facial characteristics develop on your skin. Discoloration and dryness in the skin can occur because of the reduced flow of blood that occurs if you smoke nicotine. In the skin, the oxygen gets displaced as a result of carbon monoxide present in the smoke of cigarettes. If you have misaligned teeth then you need to use the braces and for this purpose, you should visit Chennai because the Invisible braces cost in Chennai is affordable.

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