How Escape Rooms Adopted The Latest Technologies For A Mind-Blowing Experience?

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Technology is seriously impressive at times. From billionaires going to space to self-driving cars. Technology is really helpful to our society. But have you ever thought about how this fantastic thing could help in making your escape room experience good?

Do not worry; this article will clarify to you exactly how technology changes escape rooms. As a fellow escape room enthusiast, I will admit that it is difficult at times to admire and appreciate the technology in escape rooms. 

The first reason is that escape rooms are so immersive that you cannot be fazed by other things going around you. Not only that but breaking your immersion might also be detrimental to your success.

The second reason is that the technology that is mostly employed is not that flashy, and we tend to overlook it consciously. However, technology has a great role to play in an escape room. It is responsible for making escape rooms immersive.

With so many possible themes and ideas, using technology to alleviate the experience is the logical conclusion. However, due credits must be given to these technologies. Let us appreciate and analyze how technology has changed escape rooms. Below are some reasons that will help in understanding this:

1. Technology has helped in creating the right mood

One of the biggest factors in making escape room games good is the mood and ambiance. If an escape room does not have proper ambiance, it might not be appreciated much by the community. 

One of the biggest factors in making escape rooms interesting is the ambiance. And in order to have proper ambiance, you need technology. Much of the ambiance in escape rooms are the result of lights, sounds, and various props. These three have been developed a lot in the past few decades to allow escape rooms to use them efficiently.


For example, a much better sound mixer, equipment, and software can be of great help. An escape room can create a spooky atmosphere or anxiety-inducing heist. This is why a good sound system is necessary for providing the best experience to players.


Another important thing is the lighting. Lighting is one of the most excellent things in an escape room. You cannot imagine playing a horror escape room game in bright light, can you? It won’t be fun, it won’t be scary, and it just wouldn’t work. Lighting is important, and with technological advancements, lights can now be controlled remotely or even change colors. This, coupled with a good sound system, is really helpful.  


Similarly, props contribute to the overall vibe of an escape room. If you think the props didn’t advance with technology, think again. Tablets, mobile phones, and much more are all by-products of technology. They have all been used as a tool to create a more realistic and immersive theme for you. 

2. Taking it to the next level

One of the most magnificent parts of an escape room game is their puzzle. Technology has definitely helped escape rooms to develop better puzzles.  This is due to the objects used in puzzles, from impressive locks and keys to advanced devices.  Technology has helped in making our escape room experience more exciting.

Similarly, technologies such as VR and the internet have given us virtual escape rooms and digital escape rooms, respectively. Virtual reality allows us to interact and immerse ourselves in a virtual world. At the same time, digital escape rooms allow us to play our favorite escape games from anywhere in the world.


Technology has seriously changed how we live. From getting up from our bed in the morning, everything in between, and then sleeping again. Everything seems to be touched by technology. As you must have found out, the above mentioned are just some of the most important ways in which technology has changed escape rooms. 

With each advancement in technology, escape rooms seem to become more fun and more exciting, which is obviously good for us. 

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