How Apple Plans On Being 100% Carbon Neutral By 2030?

Most of us are aware of Apple’s new initiative to not bundle the Power Adapter and EarPods with their iPhones from now on. And a lot of people see this as cost-cutting on their part, but there is more to that. With the current market saturation that Apple has reached, most of the people who are planning to buy an iPhone from Apple’s current line up already have an iPhone.

This means that most of the people can use their old charging adapters and EarPods with their new device. And the very few people who do not have the charging adapted and the EarPods can buy them for a couple of extra bucks. Again, Apple might seem like the enemy here, but this is a huge step to reducing carbon emissions and avoiding mining and use of precious metals. Even though this is a big initiative on Apple’s part to save the environment, it is only a small piece of their great plan.

Being one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world, Apple takes its carbon footprint very seriously. Due to which, Apple is already carbon neutral for all their global corporate operations. And they have achieved this by running all their offices, stores and data centers on 100% renewable energy. But the 2 Trillion dollar company didn’t stop there.

By the year 2030, Apple plans on having zero environmental impact across its entire manufacturing supply chain and all product life cycles.

Being 100% carbon neutral means that Apple will be able to sell all its products, including material gathering, manufacturing, assembly, transportation, customer use, charging and even recycling and material recovery, without having any climate impact whatsoever.

And for this, Apple now uses renewable and recyclable material for their iPhones, while removing all harmful chemicals. This time Apple has gone as far as using 100% recycled earth elements in all magnetic components including the haptic engine and the camera etc.

The step to not include the power adapter and EarPods in the iPhone box goes a long way to reducing e-waste. And removing these items from the box enables Apple to make a much smaller and lighter iPhone box, which further allows them to fit up to 70% more products on the same shipping pallet, which again helps them reduce carbon emissions on a global level.

The changes that Apple has adopted in the iPhone 12 will help them cut more than 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions annually. To give you a much clearer representation, Apple equates this to removing 4,50,000 cars from the road every year.

Removing charging bricks and earphones from phone boxes is a huge step towards the greater good of the environment. Since it has such a major impact on the environment, many big brands like Samsung are also planning to implement it in the future.

In Summary

Whenever you hear about a company taking a step like not providing chargers and earphones in the phone box, do not think about how the brand is finding new ways to get you to spend money. Instead, think about what good this will do for the environment.

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