Gojek Clone: One Super App Solution For Wide On-Demand Services

Gojek clone

A Gojek clone app is the best thing for businesses that want to get more customers on the internet. It’s safe to say that a Gojek-like app will do very well in the market because everyone has a smartphone.

In a league of its own, Gojek is able to combine a lot of different services into one app. People in South East Asia loved this Indonesian start-up because it solved a big problem for them. It was founded in 2010.

Gojek was made to cut down on travel costs by giving bikes for rent instead of cars. It has now become a taxi-hiring, delivery, and on-demand service all in one app.

A Gojek clone app is a copy of this popular app. It allows people to enjoy a wide range of services, such as taxi rides, motor rides, on-demand healthcare, beauty services, and more, all in one place.

The age of “super apps” has taken over the industry because they make it easy for people to use a lot of different apps on their phones at the same time. WeChat was the first platform to start this trend, but it has spread to other platforms like Facebook, Google, and a few other things. It is still a new idea, but people who use it all over the world can see how it works.

Making an all-in-one business is not easy. It takes a lot of planning to make this kind of app. A powerful Gojek clone can help an entrepreneur cut down on their work. They can use a model that already works well and make a lot of money.

How does this app do its thing?

Gojek apps are easy to use and look a lot like uber clone apps. The only thing that makes a big difference is that there are three service options. Taxi booking, delivery on demand, and other service-hiring options are all available to users on the app. The following is how most gojek clone apps work:


A person signs up for the app with their contact information. It can be done quickly even if the user has an email or Facebook account. An app can do this quickly even if the user has an account.

The home page

Users are then taken to the home page after they sign up. Here, users can choose from a wide range of services that are available.

Big Three

From the choices that the user has, they can choose the service that they want to use. Services are usually broken down into the following groups:

* Taxi-booking

  • Users can use this option to book a motorbike or a car like a taxi booking app.
  • After they enter their pick-up and drop-off location, available drivers will either accept or reject their requests.
  • Users and drivers will be able to find each other quickly thanks to the built-in navigation system.
  • There will be an estimate of the fare shown, and after the trip is over, you can pay with cash, a card, or a virtual wallet.
  • Users can rate the drivers based on how well they do their job.

* Delivery

  • Any type of good can be delivered if a user chooses the delivery option. They can send it to a certain place.
  • Following the pick-up and drop-off location, a delivery person will be assigned for the service.
  • You can pay with cash or by going to the bank.
  • You can rate and review services.
  • The parcel or document can be tracked, and a user can get real-time updates on it.

On-demand services

  • On the app, you can get things like beauty care, doctors, plumbing, maintenance, and a lot more.
  • A user can choose what kind of service they want, and the provider will make sure that the service is done.
  •  Ratings can help people choose the best service providers.
  •  When the job is done, you can pay with cash or make a payment online.

Features of this All-in-one:

User profile

Users can put their own information into the app. This makes it easy to find them.

Real-time vehicle tracking

In this way, users can see how their delivery is going or where their driver is at all times. Navigation built into the app is correct and reliable.

Saved locations

Addresses that you go to often can be stored on the app. This way, the user doesn’t have to enter the same place every time they go somewhere.

Scheduled booking

It’s possible for someone to reserve rides for a later time. This makes the lives of people who buy things a lot easier.

Booking history

People who have used the app in the past can see how much they paid for trips, how long they took, and more. Any information about trips can be found in this part.

Multiple modes of payment

There are a lot of ways to pay for things. You can pay with cash, a credit card, or any digital wallet. This is a big help to people who use it.


Users can share rides and the cost of the trip with each other. This is cheap and also good for the environment.

Rating and reviewing

It’s possible for a user to rate the services they like and also give feedback in order to improve both the services and the features of the app.

Estimated time of travel

The estimated travel time based on the pick-up and drop-off points is shown on the app.

Estimated trip rate

The app helps a person figure out how much it will cost to travel before they do it. This is based on how far you have to go.

Push notifications

Users can get notifications or alerts by text message or email.

Seamless UI

This app has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easier for its users.

Categorized service listing

Services on this app are organized and listed in a way that makes it easy to find what you need.

Why is Gojek a huge hit?

Gojek grew into the sensation it is now because it saw a need and came up with a viable solution. Gojek isn’t like other apps made by android app development companies in that it doesn’t just offer one service on one platform. It has more than one service on it. It gave its users a cheap way to do their daily chores with a lot of ease. People in South East Asia love it for this reason.

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