Explore the Best Way of Moving Email From one Host to Another

moving email from one host to another

Email is the most well-known method of communication in the technological world. Many companies rely on this method of communication to communicate with their clients. However, the idea of transferring emails has been introduced for quite a long time.

In most cases, when you move to a new hosting provider and switch to a new host, the old Host’s emails are deleted unless you move them manually or by using an automated method. In the next section, we’ll discuss the manual and professional methods for moving email from one Host to another. However, before we do that, let’s discuss the reasons behind the necessity of moving mail from one hosting provider to another.

Why do We Need to Migrate Email to New Host?

There are many reasons why users want to transfer their emails between hosting accounts. Some of them are listed below:

  • Some users use email applications that are not compatible with their current email provider. Moving email from one host to another might allow users to access the program they prefer.
  • Customers want more than what they get from their current provider and are looking for a better one. The service doesn’t provide an option to back up your emails in case of lost emails. Thus it is highly suggested.
  • If your email account is located on two separate servers, you may experience problems accessing your emails. Due to this, you must transfer your email to the same server to guarantee easy and secure access.

These are the most frequent reasons to move emails from one hosting provider to another. In certain instances, users might also need to migrate email from cPanel to Office 365 which can also be accomplished through manual procedures. In the next section, we’ll discuss the manual process of moving email accounts from one hosting service to another.

Manual Methods of Moving Email From One Host to Another

Several methods allow you to move your email accounts to your new Host. This article will look at the most efficient and effective manual method to transfer mail accounts between hosts.

Step 1: Create an Email Account with the New Host

  • The first step is to select the best email hosting provider and then purchase their account. Make sure that IMAP has supported the service you choose.
  • Change your hosting provider and set up your email to use your new hosting service.
  • Then, ensure not to use your old password on the email address you have created in your account.
  • The new email account is successfully created at the end of the day.

Note: Be sure to save your credentials in a safe place, as you’ll require them to sign into your web browser and configure the email program you use.

Step 2: Re-point your DNS (Domain Name Service)

After successfully establishing your account using the most recent service, you can follow the next procedure.

  • First, you must update your DNS records to email to use the new service.
  • Before you begin this process, it’s crucial to find your domain’s DNS host. If you require more information, log into your domain’s registrar, and look up your domain’s nameservers.
  • After that, you can review your current DNS information by signing in to the hosting email service.
  • If needed, check all the records and replace them with the new provider’s details. For instance, you may require to alter the MX or CNAME records. This can take a long time. This is why it is important to be patient.
  • Following the above steps, you must alter the DNS records you require.

After DNS has been upgraded successfully, it is now possible to send emails using the new email address to every one of your contacts.

Step 3: Configure the Email Account on Your Premises

It’s a straightforward process requiring an email client to create an email address and brand on your device. It typically involves an email application like Thunderbird and Apple Mail. If you choose to utilize this method, remember that a single error could cause your data loss. If this method is to be employed, follow the instructions given in the following paragraphs:

  • Log in using the credentials you set up to the new mail server.
  • It is crucial to ensure that the appropriate mail servers are used, i.e., IMAP and SMTP. If you’re moving to a reliable email service like Gmail for Business, it automatically recognizes the servers used for mail. If you need more clarification about the server’s name, you can look it up in the Web Hosting Documentation in their Website Hosting or contact Support to speak with their support team.
  • Once your account has been created, Emails can be quickly received or sent.
  • You can also utilize drag-and-drop to move information from one place to another.

Step 4: Transfer Emails From Your Old Host to the New One

It’s an option contingent on transferring your existing account to the current hosting provider. Certain service providers offer semi-automated software to move email from one Host to another. If your provider doesn’t offer this feature, you’ll be fine, as manual migration is possible for the same purpose.

  • You can make each IMAP account (the older and new ones) display within your Mail client. To move your emails, you move and drag your emails out of the mailbox on your one IMAP account to the second.
  • Please don’t move your emails in bulk in one go, as it could cause issues for your email software. Additionally, you must take a few minutes before moving your email messages because it might be ideal for moving mail between servers from one server to another. The server downloads the first time emails to the local disk. They are then transferred from the disk locally to the new server.
  • Once you’ve completed this process, you’ll notice that your email was successfully transferred onto the server.

The previously mentioned is the entire procedure of manually moving emails from one hosting provider to another. The manual method is too long to be carried out. So, many experts recommend that you make use of advanced software for transferring emails between hosting accounts.

Advanced Software Approach to Moving Email From One Host to Another

The process of moving emails from one hosting provider to another is a difficult task. It requires a great deal of technical expertise and knowledge. If you’re not comfortable with the technical aspect of it, you should use the best Email Migration Software. The software lets you transfer email accounts between various providers or transfer mail accounts between servers. 

Users can move their emails to multiple email clients, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, Hotmail, and numerous other email clients that support IMAP. In addition, it is compatible with all important Windows Operating System versions. It also offers a no-cost trial version to allow users to test its capabilities.


Transferring emails from one Host to the next is a common practice in the present day. This blog discusses the most efficient ways to transfer email to a new host. While manual methods can be long-lasting, most experts and users prefer the more advanced Secure IMAP Email Backup tool. This tool is secure and safe and minimizes the risk inherent in the migration process.

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