Best Time to do Kedarkantha Trek- Season Wise

Best Time to do Kedarkantha Trek


Kedarkantha Trek is the best winter trek . It is one of the few treks which is ideal to undertake in the months of December to April. It is also best known for a snowy trek in the winter months as it is already time for snowfalls and the trail is fully covered with snow.  It is an out-and-out snow trek during these months. On the very first day of the trek, you will get to see the snow and the wonderful scenes all around while trekking on the way from Sankri village to Juda Ka Talab.

One of the few treks which is accessible in winter. The Himalayas due to the cold winds and the chilly winters cannot be accessible for treks in winter- harsh weather, snow covered trails and hardly possible for trekking, therefore the entire trek becomes too difficult and inaccessible.

Located at an altitude of 12,500 ft, Kedarkantha Trek offers you with the right amount of snow and manageable weather to continue your trekking in winters too. Early in the morning, it’s really a heavenly feeling to go up to the summit and enjoy the sunrise and the scenic beauty of the view.

One can feel the blissful atmosphere amidst the beauty of the wonderful peaks, the rays of the sun expand into a flow of golden light streaming in. It is a treat to the eyes and an awestruck sight worthy to watch. A perfect trek for the beginners.

As winter vacation also means the Christmas vibes, this destination just gives you the feeling of a wonderland with snow covered trees and land and the rooftops all around. You can also plan your New year in the summit, then the Kedarkantha Trek will be the right pick for you. So why wait, plan it over as soon as possible as Christmas is right here!!!


In the springtime,in the month of  March Kedarkantha a bit of  snow is still left as the winters have just gone as one can find at the higher campsites towards the summit. The fresh grasslands and the rhododendrons growing all over makes it beautiful.This is worthy to watch over and also find attraction to the photographers who can capture all the lovely scenes. As one climbs higher and higher, one can get to see the snow capped peaks as the backdrop, a wonderful sight worthy to watch for.

The snow melts away by April in Kedarkantha.  A must experience in Kedarkantha around this time as one gets to see the beautiful landscape which  comes alive after the long winters.The weather remains pleasant; suitable for trekking and camping. It is too colourful as nature can be found with a flush of lively colors with the new leaves on the trees and the lovely flowers blooming.


As the month of April waves goodbye to the winter snow and the trail is surrounded by such a greenery that will leave you spellbound.  The real charm of Kedarkantha can be found in the summers, making the place look really attractive as one gets engrossed in its beauty. The atmosphere remains cold though the chill is tolerable during this time.The vast expanse of lush green pastures, makes the destination even more captivating. June brings about the fresh glory in the atmosphere as the peaks are clearly visible; the vibrant colors of  flora covers the entire valley. The trek is done amidst the pine and oak trees.


The monsoons  bring moderate to heavy rainfall in the months of July and August to the valley. Therefore, the landslides occur occasionally making the trek difficult to undertake. Many adventure seekers love to explore and push beyond the limits and go trekking. As the weather remains topsy turvy and cloudy in that sense, yet the landscape is covered with the vivid images and lush greenery.


At this time, that is in the season of autumn, that falls in the  months of October and November; the weather remains very pleasant. The whole trail is covered with green leaves that turn dry and reddish brown and fall off. The lush meadows began to change its color and gave the whole place a new look. The most ideal time for the beginners  to experience trekking as the weather remains pleasant and there are umpteen beautiful views all around the landscape.

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