Be the Change: Scrap Your Junk Car and Save Our Environment!

Scrap Your Junk Car

Several cars on this planet are broken down and have got the place in the junkyard. The question here arises is, is the junkyard or your garage the right place for your depreciated and rusted car? Certainly not! However, the well-being of our environment is in jeopardy, and Australia’s bushfire is one of the latest examples of it.

We’ve made a recycling bin for the disposal of a used plastic bottle. Similarly, is there any bin to recycle these junk cars? No, there isn’t. But fortunately, some companies are working on a good cause and recycling old and rusted four-wheelers. If you also have an old clunker car, then read on the blog as we’re going to list how to be the change and how scrapping will save our environment.

  • Less garbage in landfills

Believe it or not, despite taking various measures, we end up discarding a large amount of waste in the junkyard. They further discharge poisonous substances like methane into the air and water.

However, by selling your car to junk car removal, you’ll be able to take a step forward to save the environment from pollution. They’ll dismantle and recycle every part of your car, which will help us to reduce the garbage in landfills.

  • Re-usage of the parts

When you think of junk car removal, the first thing that comes to your mind may be that it will be crushed and piled up with other scraps. But this isn’t true! Every part of your old car has a chance for recycling and re-using. The chief parts like battery, tires, wheels, and the catalytic converter will be depleted and utilised for different cars as recycled car parts.

Recycling centres will also scrap metal from your car for which you can get a nice amount. To demonstrate, re-usage of scrap metal can save up to 85 million oil barrels annually. So, imagine the positive impact on the environment.

  • Disposition of toxic chemicals

People think that scrap yards recycle only body parts of cars. But the reality is, they also remove and dispose of wiring, fluid, and gas containing toxic materials with “great care”. They leak out the materials and substances like engine oil, brake fluid, battery acid, and perhaps the left-over petrol of your car.

If they aren’t disposed of properly, then they’ll get into the soil and further mix up with groundwater, eventually harming our environment. Therefore, wrecking companies make sure that these fluids are recycled or disposed of in the right way.

  • Rollback of greenhouse emission

Recycling steel could give much-needed salvation to the steel industries with an added benefit of reducing greenhouse emissions. That’s why every year, recycling centres recover tons of steel from junk cars. Like this, they not only decrease the need for new steel but also help manufacturers in saving money and energy.

The recycling of steel will consume less energy, helping us to lessen air pollution. Along with this, cleaning up steel is a key to tackle climate change, which is in utmost need. So, are you in to fight against climate change?

Key takeaways:

The junk car removal will not only allow you to save the environment but also permit you to fill your pockets. If you are trying to sell your car, then learning how to maximise your car’s resale value will be beneficial.

Furthermore, from buying a new car to disposing of, you must take responsibility for your vehicle. As car manufacturers use non-biodegradable materials in it, it will take decades for the parts of your car to slowly disintegrate. By that time, it will harm animals, plants, exposing toxic chemicals in the environment. Thus, scrapping your junk and old car is the best way to fulfil the special responsibility given by God.

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