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AMD and Intel are one of the most renowned processor manufacturing companies. Both companies are head-to-head with each other in technological innovation. AMD is starting to push its limits to surpass the Intel market dominance which is gone over the years. AMD is challenging Intel over price and performance factor providing multiple series of processors like AMD Athlon, AMD Ryzen, AMD Threadripper, and AMD EPYC which provide astonishing processing speed a comparing to Intel Xeon and Intel Core which are very popular among custom build computers.


AMD announced its new generation of the Ryzen series, which is released in Q1,21. This series is now considering one of the most powerful processors currently in the market. Ryzen series is consisting of 5 different processor which are Ryzen 3 (Up to 4-core and 8 thread processor), Ryzen 5 (Up to 6-core and 12 tread processors), Ryzen 7 (Up to 8-core and 16 thread processors), Ryzen 9 (Up to 16-core and 32 thread processors) and finally (Threadripper Up to 64-core and 128 thread processors). This specification makes them one of the most powerful processors in the market.


if we compare it with the latest Intel Core 11 generation series which will be launched in Q1,21 will be comprised of Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, and Core i9. The max speed till now intel ever produced is 5.3GHz with its 10 cores and 20 threads which is suitable for all kind of programs and games. Contrast if we go for heavy processing, we can see the Intel Xeon series which have multiple core and thread for processing heavy application and used on workstations and server-side.


If we go in-depth with these two giants in terms of technical specifications, we can find huge differences among the processor and common things as well. Both companies play a major role and have a huge market share.

The first common thing is both desktop computer processors are unlocked and can be overclocked so that the user can go beyond maximum performance limits, but not every intel processor is unlocked due to which you must run on its stock setting. If you need to overclock the Intel processor then you must have to buy Intel overclock processor series.

AMD has increased the density of transistors in its processors per mm² as compared to Intel which is almost a bit twice, due to which less heat is generated and lower thermal design power (TDP) and requires less power to operate the system. This Intel’s issue can be controlled by placing high-quality thermal paste and a big heatsink fan for which you must spend few more bucks.

The next thing which is common in the discussion is the number of threads in processors. The working of a thread is to allow compute and process of multiple tasks simultaneously and making processing tasks faster and enable to run of multiple applications at a single time. AMD almost offers twice of threads in its processors as compared to intel which takes leads in the processing and rendering side.

Gamer requires high frames per second rates for a better gaming experience, so sometimes AMD is high, and some time intel has a higher FPS rate. But somehow each processor requires an external graphic card to support heavy gaming, and Intel’s performs much better in terms of FPS in the gaming world on the graphic card.

AMD provides you the better value money as compared to Intel. The new series of AMD processors provide better specifications than Intel in comparison. In most cases, AMD provides its stock cooler with its processor which is a better option rather than purchasing separately.

CONCLUSION In all phases, AMD proves to be a value money thing and win all kinds of battles. But mostly till now user still likes to use Intel and mostly Vlogger like to build Intel custom PC rather than AMD. But now people’s perception is changing, and the public is shifting toward AMD for its performance and multi-core and tread technology. Mostly Intel ranks higher in the single-core benchmark but when it comes to multicore and multi-threading AMD Ryzen ranks higher than Intel. In my opinion, AMD is winning the battle and soon AMD will capture the Intel market by its performance and benchmarks. You can find price comparison on online shopping sites and shopping blogs with deals and discounts on processors and various desktop computer components.

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