Always Keep These 5 Things, Handy, When Going On A Jungle Trek

Jungle Trek

A jungle trek is an enchanting experience, allowing you to commune with nature, explore flora and fauna, and feed the thrill seeker within. 

Moreover, a jungle trek is an inexpensive trip that enables you to connect with nature. According to one study on ecopsychology, activities that include exposure to nature, like jungle treks, reduce fear and anxiety and improve attention, memory, and mood.

However, a jungle trek is not without inherent risks. Nonetheless, having the right gear should help you tackle any eventualities like a pro. Below is a list of five must-have jungle trek essentials to keep you safe.

1. An Outdoor Subscription Box

Outdoor subscription boxes feature curated outdoor gear to suit different outdoor activities, including a jungle trek. The box is like shopping with a twist, where you receive surprise items every month or so and discover new products.

The outdoor subscription box trend is catching on, and various brands actively compete for outdoor enthusiasts’ attention. However, the BattlBox subscription box is right up your alley if you want a high quality subscription box for outdoors gear.

A BattlBox subscription box is the easiest way to create a stockpile of hand-picked outdoor survivalist items, including everyday carry (EDC) items from the best outdoor adventure and tactical gear brands. The brand’s outdoor professionals exclusively curate professionally-tested outdoor gear.

BattlBox features four outdoor gear subscription categories, Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus. The brand categorizes its curated items according to outdoor enthusiasts’ experience, from basic things like first-aid kits and outdoor guides to tactical knives and multi-use items like a flashlight. Therefore, you can choose the package that best suits your experience and receive gear that matches your jungle trekking needs.

You can receive high-value outdoor gear each month to prepare for your jungle trek for as low as $60 per month. Moreover, you can change or cancel your subscription at any time.

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2. Nutrient Sources And Water For Hydration

A jungle trek is an energy-intensive activity, likely to deplete your body’s energy reserve. Therefore, a steady supply of energy-boosting nutrients is paramount for a successful jungle trek. 

Outdoor adventure-friendly food products rich in nutrients and energy yet take up minimal space in your trekking backpack are essential for any successful jungle trekking safari. Therefore, consider packing a trail mix (granola, dried fruit, candy) and energy bars like granola bars.

Moreover, one expert review recommends taking protein-rich foods approximately 15 minutes after a workout supplies the body with the necessary amino acids for muscle regeneration. Jungle trekking is a physically intensive activity, so consider packing protein bars alongside your trail mix to reap maximum physical health benefits from the trek. 

Nutrition and hydration go hand-in-hand because you must replenish the fluids lost while trekking and balance your electrolytes. Second, a tail mix, while nutritious and energy-boosting, can cause thirst. 

Although the jungle is full of lust foliage, there is no guarantee that you will come across ample safe drinking water. Therefore, consider carrying a hiking hydration pack as the packs keep water cool for longer and allow you to hydrate without removing the pack from your backpack as with a standard water bottle. Moreover, you can carry a water purifier to help you convert water from jungle sources into safe, drinkable water. 

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3. A Hiking Backpack

A high-quality hiking backpack is essential regardless of whether your jungle trek is a day trip or an overnight stay. Hiking backpacks have multiple jungle trek friendly features over standard everyday carry backpacks.

For starters, while everyday backpacks have central storage, hiking backpacks have multiple pockets, including specialized storage for outdoor gear. Specialized compartments include a hydration pack reservoir, soft-cloth pockets for sunglasses, mesh pockets for water bottles, and hiking pole storage. An average hiking pack can carry up to 22 liters of essential gear and allow you to keep the gear organized for easy accessibility. 

Second, hiking backpacks have useful ergonomic features, including thick strap padding and an internal frame to support the load. Also, the backpacks feature adjustable hip belts and sternum straps to prevent the load from shifting while you walk. Most hiking backpacks also feature water-resistant or waterproof treatments.

4. Trekking Apparel and Hiking Boots

Comfort is king during any outdoor activity, including a jungle hike. Therefore, ensure you are in the appropriate outfit for a jungle trekking expedition. First, wear appropriately-sized hiking boots to keep your feet comfortable and protect them from potential hazards along rugged jungle terrain. Hiking boots also feature good traction to prevent slipping and enhance stability.

Second, consider wearing breathable clothes, including hiking pants. Hiking pants feature treatments to protect you from cuts and scrapes from foliage and mosquito bites. Other essential clothing to wear includes hiking hats, hiking shirts, and neck gaiters. Also, carry a change of clothing and protective clothing like a jacket and raincoat in case the weather changes.

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5. Self-Care Products

A jungle trek means exposure to weather elements, including harmful UV rays. Therefore, consider carrying Skincare products, including SPF50 sunscreen, lip balm, moisturizers, sunscreen lotions, face wipes, and exfoliators. Such products will keep you looking fresh while protecting your skin from damage.


Your jungle trekking experience will only be as good as your level of preparedness. While packing lists may vary depending on your trip’s length, always ensure you carry the items recommended above on any jungle trekking trip.

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