8 Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Make Your Room Feel Bigger

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Are you so fed up with your little kitchen that you’re thinking about dismantling it all and starting over?

Unfortunately, not everyone has the means or the room to build their fantasy chef’s kitchen. Don’t give up if this is your reality! You can achieve so much with a little kitchen space. Here are some fantastic little kitchen renovation ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

When it comes to compact kitchen design, using optical illusions is a terrific method to make your room appear larger. Here are some suggestions that would work with almost any budget and kitchen area.

Use Creative Painting Techniques

Colorful Accents in a Small Kitchen

Paint is a simple and inexpensive alternative for a minor kitchen renovation. Paint may be used to create drama, comfort, and even the sense of extra space in a place. Here are some ideas for using paint to make your tiny kitchen appear larger:

  • Use soft, neutral hues.
  • Paint dark cabinets a lighter hue, or maintain bottom cabinets dark while painting upper cabinets brighter (creating the illusion of height)
  • Color explodes behind open bookshelves or a striking accent wall
  • Maintain a white ceiling.
  • Matte paint should be avoided (satin or eggshell paint allows light to bounce off of surfaces, making the space feel bigger

Install Glass Cabinet Doors and/or Open Shelving Open Shelving with Glass Front Cabinets

Adding glass doors to cabinets and/or replacing cabinets with open shelves might make them appear larger. Of course, for this approach to work, your shelves must be free of debris, which can make your room appear cluttered as well as narrow.

Here are some ideas for making glass cabinet doors or open shelves work in your space:

Stick to a color scheme (put all white or all red dishes on display, while storing mismatched dishes away somewhere else)

Smaller and bigger objects must be balanced.

Keep products you use frequently near at hand and those you use less frequently on higher, out-of-reach shelves to keep things practical.

Experiment with Geometric Patterns Geometric Tile Backsplash

Geometric motifs are increasingly popular in compact kitchens. It’s not only a fun feature to add, but it also provides texture and depth and may fool the eye, making your kitchen appear larger than it is. Geometric forms can be added using tiling, wallpaper, or kitchen accessories such as a floor runner.

However, avoid using too many geometric designs. The more you add, the more disorganized your kitchen will appear. As a bonus tip, make sure to include a custom range hood on your design. It will affect the look and usability of the whole kitchen.

Include mirrors or mirror-like surfaces.

Backsplash Mirror

Mirrors reflect light, expanding up a room and making a small place appear larger. You may add a mirrored backsplash or an actual mirror to your tiny kitchen renovation.

If you have an eat-in kitchen, adding a mirror to your eating area will not only make it appear larger, but it will also be good feng shui practice. A mirror in the dining area is supposed to increase your ability to retain riches.

Integrate Your Kitchen with the Great Outdoors

In a Small Kitchen, French Doors

Do you have a pleasant outdoor space outside your kitchen? Add some French doors — they’re well worth the money. They will let in a lot of light and lengthen your sightline out the door, making your home appear larger.

Include Accent Lighting

Shadows capture our attention, and they may make a small place feel claustrophobic. Adding accent lights, particularly on shelves or beneath cabinets, eliminates shadows, thereby opening up the area and making it appear larger while also boosting the usefulness of your kitchen.

Organize Your Storage Corner Cabinet Storage

A tiny kitchen not only looks and feels tight, but it also lacks storage.

Taking inventory and decluttering is something we recommend doing on a regular basis. Take Marie Kondo’s advice and sift through your possessions, keeping just what you need and use. (Do you really require ten spatulas and two food processors?)

After you’ve decluttered, you may maximize your available space by investing in appropriate organizing items, such as a corner cabinet. Hide your coffee maker and toaster while keeping them accessible.

Use Horizontal Stripes to Expand the Space

Stripes at the Eat-In Kitchen We’ve all heard that wearing wide, horizontal stripes might make us appear larger than we are. Likewise, adding horizontal stripes to your kitchen might make it appear larger. These stripes can be added using wallpaper, tiling, flooring, or carpets.

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