8 Helpful Tips For Catering A Corporate Event

Corporate Event Catering

It’s estimated that the events industry in America will be worth $1552.9 billion by 2028.

In Draper, corporate events can be a great way for your company to be noticed. They also allow employees to have fun and allow industry colleagues to connect with them. And of course, you want your event to be a success—whether it’s a major public event or a private party. 

To succeed, you must cover every detail and organize your catering properly. Thus, it’s important to seek the guidance of experienced professionals. Catering is a major part of corporate events, and the catering company you choose can make a big difference in the success of your event.

Here are eight helpful tips as you begin to plan your big event.

1. Set Your Corporate Event Budget Early

Before hiring a corporate event caterer in Draper, know how much your company is willing to spend on a venue, food service, decorations, or any other costs. 

Be sure to set a clear budget early. This is important because you want to save time meeting caterers you can afford. A budget will also affect the type of menus you can choose from. While most corporate event caterers will charge per head, they may offer discounts for larger groups.

2. Figure Out Guest List

The first rule of catering to large groups is to know your numbers as quickly as possible.

You likely want your corporate event packed with guests. However, before a caterer can provide you with an accurate quote, they will need this information. Therefore, create a guest list as soon as possible and get RSVPs.

Additionally, there can be some unforeseen issues that arise. For example, while some Draper caterers can handle large events, others are more suited to smaller events or intimate gatherings. Thus, provide your caterer with accurate information about attendees. 

3. Create a Schedule for the Day

Some of the most important corporate catering tips are not just about the food. Knowing the event’s schedule is equally important so your caterer can work around it.

You must ensure that your food is in line with your scheduled times for speakers or other activities during the day. For example, you might want hor d’oeuvres to be out before the speaker takes the stage. And after the speaker, you might want dinner to get started. Thus, it’s essential to have a set schedule, so your caterer knows the timing of everything.

4. Choose Between a Buffet or Table Service

The big question when it comes to catering to large groups of people is whether you prefer a buffet or table service. Naturally, your budget will play a major role in this decision, as a buffet is typically more affordable than table service in Draper.

However, with a buffet, this can lead to long lines and impatient customers when there are large groups. So it might be a good compromise to do a little bit of both. For example, you can serve each main directly to the table and offer the side dishes on top of buffet warmers. This will make it easy for you, your waitstaff, and your guests.

5. Plan A Variety Of Food Options

It can be difficult to cater corporate events. However, you should also plan for various delicious food options to make your Draper event memorable.

A good catering service will create a menu that suits your event and offer your guests a wide range of delicious options. Additionally, the right caterer can handle any event—including corporate holiday parties, corporate galas, and corporate conferences. 

Talk to your caterer about the menu options you have for your event. Make sure to include options for all types of food. If your budget allows, consider ordering more food than less. You definitely don’t want your guests to leave the event feeling hungry. 

However, serving side dishes can be a great option if you have a limited budget. These side dishes will feed your guests and are cheaper than main courses.

6. Check on Dietary Restrictions

For your guests’ safety and comfort, it’s necessary to know about dietary restrictions. So this information should be requested on invitations. And it’s also a good idea to follow up on RSVPs to ensure guests remember to inform you about their dietary needs.

Ask your Draper caterer about their deadlines for determining dietary requirements. This is because they will have to be able to order the right amount of food, so they will need to know this information in advance.

Additionally, quality caterers must be able to accommodate guests’ dietary needs. Also, it’s worth checking if this will increase the cost of your meal.

7. Do You Want A Bar?

Many corporate events include a bar that serves delicious cocktails throughout the night.

Having a drink service is a great way to engage your guests and offer socialization avenues. However, you don’t have to have a bar at an event. Instead, you should consider the type of event and decide if a bar is appropriate.

To make the best decision for your event, it’s a good idea to talk with your corporate event caterer about the pros and cons.

8. Consider An Ongoing Relationship

It can be difficult to find great corporate catering in Draper. 

You may want to establish a long-term relationship if you find one you like. For example, many corporate caterers are happy to sign long-term contracts that guarantee their services for a certain number of future events. 

A good relationship between your business and your caterer can create a valuable asset. It will ensure your guests have delicious catering at all events. Because your corporate events should be memorable, and a great catering company can help you achieve that for many years to come.

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