7 Marketing Software To Boost Your Business In 2022


In order to boost the activity of your business in 2022, here is a list of the best marketing software on the market:

  1. Hubspot
  2. Active Campaign
  3. Wishpond
  4. InfusionSoft
  5. Marketo
  6. Exponea
  7. Maarketer

Nowadays, it is essential for a company to be present on the Web and it is essential to implement a successful digital strategy.

To do this, it is relevant to use marketing software since the latter, if used properly, should allow you to boost your turnover.

However, it is not always easy to choose the right tool as there are so many on the market today. Also, to help you, we have chosen to present to you which are, in our opinion, the 7 best marketing software.

Hubspot Marketing-

Launched in 2006 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, Hubspot Marketing is a software suite adapted to digital marketing. Thus, this marketing software allows you to design a website and optimize its performance.

In this context, it supports you in creating relevant content and helps you distribute it through the right channels. In particular, it helps you to optimize your management of social networks.

Very complete, it allows you to implement various actions aimed at generating traffic to your site and provides you with digital marketing tools to generate leads and especially to convert them into customers of your site.

If a lite version of Hubspot is available for free, expect the prices to skyrocket if you desire the most exciting features. The subscription for the pros is effectively over $ 700 per month.

Active Campaign-

Widely geared towards small and medium-sized businesses, Active Campaign marketing software is an all-in-one package that comes with a large number of features.

Available in English and Portuguese, this platform aims to help professionals acquire, retain and engage customers. It must be said that Active Campaign is marketing automation software since the user can quite simply automate certain tasks, for example email marketing, which will allow personalized emails to be sent to your prospects.

Another great thing about this marketing and communication software is that it can easily be integrated with third-party applications, be it CRM, accounting solutions, etc.

To benefit from this software made in USA and take advantage of the interesting features, the subscription of a subscription at $ 49 per month or even at $ 129 per month is required.


Here is a marketing software less complete than its predecessors but which is capable of good performance when used for its specialty: the creation of conversion funnels.

This digital marketing software thus embeds 12 tools that allow you to create rather effective marketing campaigns. Among other things, it is possible to design numerous landing pages and to “test” them, to create contests to generate engagement but also to conduct email marketing campaigns.

Allowing a database of prospects to “work” well, Wishpond can also integrate with many third-party applications.

To be able to partially use this marketing software, a subscription of $ 49 per month must be taken out, but a subscription of $ 99 per month seems essential to use its functionalities properly.

InfusionSoft (Keap)-

Founded in 2001 by Scott Martineau, Éric Martineau and Clate Mask, InfusionSoft offers particularly interesting marketing management software for small structures.

Indeed, the American company provides them with an all-in-one solution for sales but also for marketing. With it, they can manage all of their relationships with customers but also very simply set up marketing campaigns.

This marketing software will help you manage your social media accounts, conduct email marketing campaigns or even create landing pages or forms. More generally, it will also allow you to automate certain tasks, which will allow your teams to gain in productivity.

Only downside, since it came under the fold of Keap, the price of subscriptions has exploded since their price now starts at $ 199 per month.


Created by Phil Fernandez, Jon Miller and David Morandi, Marketo is an inbound marketing software that is enjoying great success around the world.

It must be said that this software is ideal for attracting traffic to your website, generating leads thanks to call-to-action buttons and landing pages, converting your prospects but also retaining customers.

Better, it embeds features that will allow you to automate certain tasks such as the creation of dashboards, the management of social networks, etc.

However, Marketo intends to grow its reputation and good image, which is why the basic subscription is at $ 895. This is a big part of why this marketing software mainly attracts big companies.


Conceived by Jozo Kovac and Peter Irikovsky, Exponea is a cloud-based marketing software that is very comprehensive and which has the particularity of being mainly used in Europe. It must be said that unlike the solutions presented so far, it was developed in the United Kingdom and not in the United States.

But its differences with other software on the market do not stop there since Exponea is boosted with Artificial Intelligence, which makes it a marketing automation system anything but traditional.

Thanks to the features boosted by AI, your traffic acquisition and prospect conversion campaigns will improve in performance and your turnover will be able to soar.

A free demonstration of this marketing software is possible. As for the price, it is necessary to contact the publisher since no price is published on its site.


If it does not have the notoriety of certain marketing software presented so far, Maarketer has many strengths to highlight when it comes to carrying out a digital strategy.

The result of the work of a Swiss development agency, this all-in-one software allows you to manage all of your marketing with a 360 ° vision.

Entirely in French – a rare thing – this marketing software will help you generate more traffic to your site, enhance your image, increase your conversion rate or even build customer loyalty.

All the features that a good marketer is entitled to expect from a dedicated software are there and the prices offered are particularly attractive. It would therefore be a shame to miss out on this very complete and very powerful marketing software at the same time.

Author Bio- Utkarsh is the founder of Esite Bucket. Esite Bucket is a leading software company that provides the best web development solutions in countries like India, the USA, and Canada.

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