7 Common Health Mistakes Everyone Makes

Health Mistakes

In this era of the internet, people are brimmed with lots of information and making some of the gravest health mistakes. There are lots of people who overlook the importance of their health. Such lifestyle choices have a bigger impact on your life.

Eating everything that says herbal

This is the biggest mistake people are making these days. Fitness enthusiasts are going gaga over health products. Herbal products are indeed safe to consume but that does not mean that you can do anything mindlessly. According to Ayurveda, you should consume herbal products in the prescribed amount. Even Vedic science always talks of balance and you have to understand this. If you are feeling tired and lots of work is pending, consume the Yerba Mate energy drink for a natural energy boost.

Skipping breakfast

The traditional breakfast was quite different from the modern routines. People are eating anything that satiates their hunger. But, they don’t realize the value of a healthy breakfast is like running a car with fuel. It makes you sluggish and unproductive. Skipping breakfast also increases the risk of chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes. In the long run, it affects your memory and hampers your heart. For a tough time during the day, consume a Mate Mate energy drink to feel fresh and energetic for a longer time.

All foods rich in fat lead to obesity

Another misconception about obesity is that all fats lead to obesity. People are picking their food seeing 0% fat and calories. Omega 3 acids and medium chain fats are essential for the cell growth of your body. It is important to add good fats to your body but in a limited amount. Healthy fats are essential for your body such as eggs, fish, and Avocados. Ghee is also seen as important for your health. From healing wounds to enhancing your skin tone, Ghee has some magical properties.

Eating meals just before the sleep

 Going to bed just after dinner can be harmful to your health. Research shows that this can lead to heartburn, acid reflux, weight gain, and disrupted sleep. When you fall asleep, food is undigested in the night and stored as fat in your body. You should take your dinner 2 hours before going to bed and between 7-8 PM. For fatigue during the day, have a natural energy drink like Mate Mate for fewer calories, sugar, and caffeine content.

Sleeping for longer hours for better health

Sleep is the key to good health and better performance. After longer sleep, you feel energetic and perform better. Is there any proof that longer sleeping hours make you energized? Scientific results show those 9-10 hours of sleep can disrupt your life and short hours of sleep can increase your productivity. Experts say that 8 hours of sleep is good for your health.

Using your gadgets before bed

A large number of people are suffering from sleep issues and the use of mobiles before bed is to blame. Blue light emitted by the gadgets messes with your brain’s signals. Scientists reveal that cell phone radiation can cause headaches and insomnia. It also impacts your sleep quality.

Ignoring the dangers of self-medication

Self-medication is often seen as a casual response. Medication strongly needs a doctor’s intervention. Self-medication increases the risk of drug abuse, drug resistance, and drug dependence. In adverse cases, self-medication can lead to death. Much like starting or stopping your medicines, a doctor’s recommendation is essential. It can give you mild to severe health impacts such as headaches, seizures, and heart diseases as well.

Wrap up

In conclusion, being healthy is the result of the simple and easy decisions you make every day. Listen to your body and communicate through the signs of discomfort and pains. Eating your meals before bed will discomfort you, using gadgets before sleep will discomfort you, and ignoring the dangers of self-medication will disrupt your life. So, listen to these tips and make good lifestyle changes.

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