6 Reasons for using Headless WordPress Themes

headless WordPress themes

Modern web pages can be constructed in a variety of ways. There are numerous ways to get your business online, ranging from standard websites and web portals to progressive web apps. The content management system, however, is the most significant aspect for marketing professionals. Traditional solutions, like WordPress, are familiar to most people. Other technical characteristics of the business, however, limit these options in many cases. Fortunately, technology provides a solution in the form of a headless WordPress.

The frontend of a headless system is solely connected to the backend via an API that pushes material from the database. As a result, the front end can be modified and customized as needed.

When and Why to use Headless WordPress?

Multi experience

A website is insufficient for many businesses. The more present your firm can be, whether it’s on desktop, mobile, specialized platforms, or even digital marketing activities, the better. In terms of technology, this entails abandoning traditional architecture in favor of a decoupled backend and frontend. Due to its API structure, a headless system, on the other hand, can be phased in alongside other systems. It does necessitate a little more work in terms of execution, but it is a more instantaneous response to individual demands.

For Expand

Because traditional CMS isn’t built to adapt to numerous channels, it runs the risk of becoming “locked in.” When it comes to expansion, you will rapidly discover that the old-school CMS won’t connect to new platforms, channels, or designs.

A headless WordPress theme can help your company grow. headless WordPress can help you expand into new markets by supporting numerous languages, launching new websites/apps, and even scaling up offline content. The idea of launching off-platform is the central repository for all content – the sole source of truth.

Want to Update Branding With Ease with Headless WordPress Themes

Upgrading branding on a fixed front end necessitates updating every page and template. Significant modifications here may need your teams rewriting large sections of text. What began as a simple visual refresh can quickly escalate into the redoing of entire areas of work.

When the CMS is decoupled via headless design, on the other hand, the frontend is free to do whatever it wants. Do you want to reorganize some of the content? Because everything is delivered via API, the frontend team may do it without involving the backend content team.

Care about Web Performance

If you are concerned about headless website performance (as well as mobile optimization), headless architecture is a better option. A headless website can be made to load as quickly as possible on the client-side. This can be accomplished using server-side databases and web-friendly technologies such as JavaScript, API, and Markup (the so-called JAM stack technique) (with prerendering where possible).

This is also beneficial for mobile devices, as a lower loading strain is better for devices that don’t always have a good connection. Supporting your mobile users is never a bad practice in the age of mobile-first search engines and indexing.

Keep Marketing Happy & Enabled

Marketing can focus on what it does best with headless WordPress. Do you need to refresh your visuals? It’s no problem! Do you need to make any changes to the text? It’s not a problem at all! Do you want to get away from a templated design and do something unique? You’ll still need assistance from the design/frontend team, but it’s certainly doable.

The most significant element is that headless architecture allows all aspects of the business to function. Because of the discrete, headless architecture approach, any section may be altered as needed without bringing the organization to a halt in the process.

When to Use Headless WordPress Themes

  • When you wish to assure future expansion,
  • When you want to get the most out of your website’s performance,
  • When you want your brand to be consistent across numerous platforms.
  • When you want to refresh your branding and aesthetics without having to start from scratch.
  • You want marketing (and sales!) to be delighted.


When your company strategy consists of a single modest website with no plans for regular or large changes. When you want to invest in marketing automation to drive branded engagement, a digital experience platform is required. When your marketing department isn’t quite ready.

However, there are several reasons for using headless WordPress themes as a preferred headless CMS for modern web development Using Headless WordPress Themes has several other benefits as noted below;

  • Free to use,  being an open-source
  • Highly secure with the decoupled approach
  • API integration with modern frontend frameworks
  • Faster websites with static frontend
  • Unlimited plugin options

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