6 Health Screening Your Dentist Can Do

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Skipping your regular dental check-up is not recommended at all. It is advisable to visit your dentist for regular check-ups and follow-up because such meetings with the dentist will help the expert to stay up-to-date with your health requirements. Oral hygiene is an important factor responsible for the overall wellness of the body. However, we have compiled a list of 6 health screenings your dentist can do for you. 

Detecting Oral Cancer

Cancer is one deadly disease that can manifest if left undetected and oral cancer is no different. If the cancer is not detected in the early stages, then it becomes life-threatening. Early detection of oral cancer makes it curable. The dentist has the expertise to detect the symptoms of oral cancer. If you go for regular dental check-ups (every 6 months), then detection is simple. While you may not notice oral abnormalities, your dentist will. VELscope is a non-invasive, pain-free, and least time-consuming test that helps in such detection. The investigation can help the patient to detect early signs of dead tissue found due to tumours.

Tartar, plaque, and cavities

Though you may be regular with your brushing and flossing yet chances of missing out in reaching the difficult areas inside the mouth is a common act. The plaque build-up in the mouth can be difficult to remove with brushing. Plaque solidifies and turns into tartar. A dentist can detect the same and employ professional methods to remove the same. A regular check-up with the dentist will prevent the formation of tartar that erodes or creates holes in teeth paving way for cavities.

These problems can be detected by the dentist but if you indulge in regular screenings with the dentist, you can give longevity to your teeth. If money is in your mind, then let me tell you that regular check-ups with the dentist are cheaper than getting particular procedure appointments with them. This dependable dentist in Kissimmee says that when it comes to dentistry, early detection is better as you’ll most likely pay less compared to when the issue has already worsened.

Gum disease

Tartar and plagues can cause gum disease. Tartar causes infection in the mouth and is responsible for the gum eroding from the tooth. The tissue that attaches gum to the teeth pulls the gum away from the teeth with time. You will experience swelling, bleeding, and soreness in the mouth. It can also result in the breakdown of bone that holds teeth. The drastic result is the loss of a tooth. So, if you ignore or keep postponing your regular check-ups with the dentist, then be ready to shell a good amount of money on specialized treatment techniques to treat gingivitis. 

Keep bad habits at bay

Your dentist will advise you to keep bad habits like smoking and chewing tobacco at bay because these can impact your teeth and mouth most adversely. Other habits like eating too many sticky sweets, irregular brushing habits, clenching jaws, grinding teeth, excessive caffeine and red wine, biting nails, and chewing ice can also lead to impact the teeth negatively. But if you go for your regular check-ups to the dentist, you will be educated to change your lifestyle and drop the bad habits. At least, you will make a conscious effort to make a few amendments in your daily routine and lifestyle that will help you acquire good oral health. 

X-rays to detect issues under tooth surface

Beneath the surface of the mouth lies several issues that go undetected. Hence, it is essential to visit the dentist and allow him/her to do the X-ray under the tooth surface as a normal check-up so that problems, if any, are detected at the early stages. The dentist can also diagnose problems like impacted teeth or the occurrence of wisdom teeth and treat accordingly. Other problems related to the bone, tooth decay, cysts, tumours, also go detected when procedures like X-rays are done. 

Head and neck lymph node check-ups

The dentist also indulges in checking neck, jaw, and lymph nodes to detect abnormalities. If any such problem is detected, then a major health issue can come knocking at your door. You may not notice any alteration but your dentist can easily detect the problem. Major health issues like cancer come under the scanner. 

Final Thoughts

So, if you are planning to delay your regular check-up with your dentist, think before you do the same. You may regret your decision. It is the best action to take a timely visit to the dental clinic near me as one of the most serious tasks. it will help you overcome the underlying issues that may take a serious turn in future. 

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