5 Tips On What to Do During Home Invasion or Theft

Home Invasion

Home invasion and theft can be terrifying and overwhelming experiences. While it’s impossible to predict or prevent these incidents from occurring, it’s essential to be prepared with proper steps to take if they do. Knowing what to do during a home invasion or theft can help reduce the chances of injury or further loss of property. 

Planning is the best way to prepare if you live in an isolated area prone to invasions by criminals. But when in the middle of an attack, there are a few key things that you can do to protect yourself and your family. 

Here are five tips on what to do when faced with danger to help you stay safe.

1. Quickly Verify the Intruder’s Presence

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If you suspect a home invasion, look carefully at your surroundings and quickly verify the presence of an intruder. You want to know where an intruder is and what they’re doing as soon as possible so that you can start protecting yourself and your family. Look for suspicious activity, such as an unfamiliar car parked outside your home. Verifying the presence of an intruder can reduce the chances of an ambush attack.

Moreover, you must secure every entry point, install good lighting outside, install security alarms and CCTV cameras, and even get a security dog. 

Further, as a last line of defense, you can consider getting firearms and training your family on how to use them. Getting an authentic civilian HK sp5 pistol and bulk ammo from a licensed vendor online will help you to defend your family in life-threatning situations.

2. Stay Calm 

The most vital thing you can do in a home investigation is to stay calm. Despite how hard this can be, being calm can help you think clearly and make intelligent decisions. When you’re in a state of panic, it’s much more likely that you’ll make a poor decision that could result in injury or further loss of property. 

If you come face to face with the intruder, don’t confront them. While it may seem like the best option to confront the intruder, you don’t know what they’re armed with or capable of doing. An intruder could easily mistake your actions as a threat, which could lead to you getting hurt. Provoking the intruder is likely to escalate the situation. You must do everything possible to avoid conflict with the intruder — their goal is to rob you, not hurt you.

Even if the intruder is armed and threatens you, you should do your best to avoid confrontation. If they are not actively engaged in a crime, such as stealing your property, follow their instructions so that you don’t appear a threat. But if the intruder has not accessed you, find a safe place to hide. If you think the intruder has seen or heard you, try moving to a different location as quickly as possible.

3.Escape To a Safe Place

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If you can’t find a place to hide, get yourself and your loved ones to a safe room as soon as possible. Note that the safest places in your house should not be prominent. Look for spaces where the intruder can’t reach you easily, such as a room on the top floor or basement or a room with a lock. The idea is to find a room with a firm door that requires time and effort to break into such a basement. Avoid hiding in a place the intruder can easily break into, such as a closet. 

Besides, try to arm yourself once you’re in a safe place. This can reduce the chance of injury if the intruder finds you. As mentioned, the Hk sp5 pistol is a perfect way to defend yourself in a home invasion. It can help increase your chances of keeping the intruder off. But this needs you to plan by equipping yourself with self-defense weapons.

4. Call the Police

If you can escape from the house, call the police immediately. Even if you cannot escape from the home invasion safely and in hiding, you should still call the police. Notifying the police of the incident can help you avoid injury and property loss and help the police apprehend the intruder. This will go a long way in deterring future crimes in the area. 

When calling from a hiding place, try to remain calm and collect yourself as you talk on the phone. Stay there as you wait for the police to arrive, and be as helpful as possible when needed. This can help the police better help you in restoring your safety and the safety of your family members.

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5. Record Details of the Intruders

If you have time before the police arrive, try to stay quiet and record the details of the intruder(s). This can include relevant information, such as their clothing, facial features, and body type. You can also use your phone’s camera to capture images of the intruder. If you’re in a situation where you can’t directly see the intruder, try to listen to their movements. This can include listening for voices, footsteps, or heavy breathing.


A home invasion can be a traumatic experience for everyone who is involved. However, there are steps that you can undertake to become better prepared for this type of situation. You can learn more about potential warning signs of an impending home invasion. You can also create a plan for what you’ll do if a home invasion occurs at your home. By following these tips, you can better safeguard yourself and your family during a home invasion.

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