5 Reasons Why You Need Magento 2 Extensions For Your Site


Giving a smooth and seamless shopping experience to the customers is what every eCommerce business owner wants. However, even after getting an attractive and good website, people fail to provide a great user experience to the visitors. This not only results in a low conversion rate but also pauses the growth of the business. To deal with this better you can use Magento 2 extensions on your Magento store.

Check out the different reasons for getting extensions on your eCommerce site:

  1. Great user experience- Different extensions can help you improve the user experience of your site. These will enable the customers to navigate easily on the site and complete their purchases without any hassle. Once you get the relevant extensions on your site, you can see an improvement in the conversion rate.
  2. Enhanced functionality- Several extensions are available that can enhance the functionality of your site. It can help you to add more features to your site such as easy searching of products or showing them relatable products when customers make a purchase. Using the extensions you can make the checkout process simpler or add a compare feature so that your customers can compare the products when they are confused in one or more products. Moreover, you can get custom extensions from Magento extension development company London based on your business needs.
  1. More reach– Being an eCommerce site, there are chances that you are selling your products in more than one country. By using the language translation extensions you can easily sell your products to people from other countries. This will also reduce your work as you will not have to write separate content for different people. For instance, if you are operating from the UK and want to sell your products to people in India, you can use an extension to translate the website content into Hindi.
  1. Multi-store management- If you have more than one store, you can easily manage your site and different stores using extensions. Moreover, it can become very easy to manage inventory and other important things. Many people who have multiple stores get Magento custom module development London for better and easier management.
  1. Cost effectiveness- We definitely can say that using extensions on your Magento site is a cost-effective way of giving a better user experience to the visitors. There are a variety of free extensions which you can use as per your need and convenience. These free extensions can reduce your cost of development and help you save money.


Adding extensions to your Magento site is like adding extra features to an app. These extensions help you in easy management of your store and as well as giving a good user experience to your customers. For different needs, different kinds of extensions are available including free and paid ones. If you wish to add a particular feature to your store, you can contact RVS Media. Here we develop custom extensions based on your business needs.

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