5 Important Differences Between Volume Hiring and Regular Recruiting

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When you are building an organization or a company, the first thing you will need is employees who will help you in the growth of your business. Your company does not have to be a start-up one to recruit or hire the right employees because even successful companies have to recruit.

However, finding the right employees for your business is one of the biggest challenges. And therefore some employers struggle between volume hiring and regular recruitment.

Great Website to Read for Best Recruiting Company in Dubai. For the starter, volume hiring and regular recruitment are two different things and you will have to know about each of them to understand which one is suitable in your case.

Volume Hiring Vs Regular Recruiting:

1. Definition

Volume Hiring

Volume hiring means recruiting multiple employees for equal roles. These can be entry-level roles and have the opportunity to hire a large number of individuals. The applicants who are applying for the position can easily be hired by the company. High-volume hiring is mainly common in the retail and hospitality industries, and mostly the applicants can be freshers or beginners.

However, if there is a certain number of positions to be filled in a month, then you will have to interview five times more people. If there are 7,000 vacancies, then you will have to interview 700,000 applicants. Therefore, this is tough work.

Regular Recruitment

Regular recruitment or corporate requirement is a process of hiring one person to fill a vacancy. In this process, the recruiter will have to find the right candidate that will match certain criteria to fill a certain position.

In regular requirements, time, resources, and efforts are important. And the recruitment process will double when there are multiple vacancies in the company. However, in this process, there are not a lot of applicants to interview, that’s why many organizations prefer this method over volume hiring.

2. Candidate Sourcing

Volume Hiring

While processing volume hiring, listing requirements on a simple job board does not work efficiently. Here, employee referrals, evaluating talent pools, analyzing and keeping records of skills are necessary to find enough applications for the vacant positions.

Regular Recruitment

Regular recruitment is also somewhat like volume recruitment where you will have to find as many sources as possible to meet fresh talents. Create brilliant job descriptions that clarify the job roles and duties perfectly and at the same time, create engagement for applicants.

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3. The Assessment Phase

Volume Hiring

No employer can access so many applicants at the same time, because it is a hectic process and needs lots of effort. Volume hiring is an entry-level job, that’s why many employers or recruiters think that the process will be simple and short. However, you will need to hire multiple employers that will help you sort out the applicants as fast as possible.

If the volume hiring process takes longer, then it will lose you many qualified candidates. Therefore you will have to apply pre-employment assessments such as personality tests, cognitive tests, etc to find the best employees suited for the job role.

Regular Recruitment

Regular recruitments do not normally require pre-employment assessments. This process is rather focused on candidate screening, reviewing resumes, filtering applications, interviewing, and performing background checks to find out if the applicant is suitable for the position.

We told before that regular recruitment does not have a lot of applicants at the same time, that’s why the employers rarely use software or applications. However, if you can use recruitment software, then you can reach out to a  broader talent pool and automate the hiring process and make it easier.

4. Interviewing

Volume Hiring

You cannot automate the interview process, that’s why you will have to conduct them by hiring interviewers. And when it comes to volume hiring, there are so many interviews to schedule, which is time-consuming and frustrating. But you still can automate the pre-interview process like shortlisting the applications based on their assessments and calling them in for an interview through email or phone calls.

Regular Recruitment

Regular recruitments also take time but in this process, the applicants and the interviewers can talk to each other and get to know each other beyond the information available on resumes and job descriptions. The interview process does not matter how long it is, it does not frustrate the candidates or the interviewers because the number of interviewees is less.

5. Selection Process

Volume Hiring

In the volume hiring process, the selection step is challenging because there are so many profiles and all of them are equal to each other or at least, similar. Therefore, employers need to spend more time carefully investigating the profiles and selecting candidates.

Regular Recruitment

In the regular recruitment process, the selection step involves background checks of the applicants to ensure that they are suitable for the position. The recruiters can also use recruitment tools and apply strategies to make the process similar to volume hiring.

Wrapping UP

If you have gone through all these differences, then you might have noticed that the biggest difference between volume hiring and regular recruitment is the number of applicants the interviewer interviews. However, both volume hiring and regular recruitment need special criteria in the candidates for them to be suitable for a certain position. And in both processes, experience and knowledge play a great role for a candidate to be selected.

However, volume hiring has an advantage over regular recruitment which is it is less prone to errors and biases and it is easy to scale the applicants. Also, remember that you can’t process volume hiring with the same tools and knowledge required for regular recruitment.

Therefore you will require different strategies and an efficient interviewer who knows the differences between volume and regular recruitment. Or you can also contact the best recruiting company in Dubai.

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