4 Less Popular Latest Technologies in India

Latest Technologies in India

We all have seen technology growing like – woossshhh! It is updating its pace rapidly that it might seem to be faster than light. As more and more funds are invested in researches – more and more technologies are entering the world. However, with numerous technologies, there are certain technologies that are overseen.

Hence, if you’re missing out on some of the unique and amazing technologies, this article will help you get all the information.

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4 Latest Technologies That Should Be Adopted In India

  1. 5G – Know it better

Have you ever thought about why there are fewer internet related problems faced in other countries? Well, it is only because they walk with the changing trends in technology. All the hype and talk about 5G internet connections are going to be true this 2021. The requirement for a fast and highly reliable connection became important only a few months back. When remote work, digital collaboration, and videoconferencing became an important part of our daily lives, we had to get different approaches to boost speed.

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It was already transparent enough for telecommunication companies that 5G was the perfect approach to go. The deployment of this technology will be necessary for different tools like the Internet of Things. This is the reason; the value of 5G will skyrocket in India.

  • Human Augmentation

Well, mankind has been continuously experimented with technology to improve life as they know it. This inquisitiveness has now entered a whole new region i.e. Human Augmentation which generally means taking the assistance of technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the Internet of Things (IoT), to not only improve our day to day lives but also to enhance the human intelligence a step forward.

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However, it also offers opportunities for numerous creative functions. Say, for example, there are companies that focus to develop a powerful brain-machine interface, with the power to process worthy amounts of data. So, with this, having hands-on human augmentation can help you get great success.

  • Hoverboards For All Age Groups

What can be best than having a technology that you can ride on? Yes, sounds so interesting! Well, there are numerous types of hoverboards available in the market. All you need is to pick the one that is perfectly suitable for your body type and weights. There is all type of hoverboards accessible – for children and adults. In fact, when it comes to Swagtron – it is the brand you can rely on for the ultimate fun.

Description: SWAGTRON T6 Off-Road Hoverboard UL2272 Certified | GearScoot

Swagtron’s hoverboards come with various features and different shapes and sizes. It also comes with different terrain types – which you can ride on roads or off-roads. Hence, all you need is to step on it and enjoy the fun of using technology ideal for you.

  • CyberSecurity For Better Protection

With numerous companies undergoing large-scale digital transformations, cognizance of the ongoing forthcoming presence of cyber-attacks increases to grow – not only for small scale companies but large scale companies too. Hence, this is why Cybersecurity is considered to be vital. Well, it is nothing new but of course, back in trend.

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Blockchain Cybersecurity – it is considered to be a more responsive, modular security method by centralizing transposition and allocating enforcement.

VDN (Virtual Dispersive Network) – When it comes to VDN, it is an exceptional method to cybersecurity, wherein a signal is transmitted in small quantum packets or bursts, which can’t be secretly read without unsettling their content. Well, this means that no one can have access or see through the information sent to you without introducing some sound in it.

So, now you might be aware why Cybersecurity is considered to be so crucial for companies – large or small!

Winding up! Well, that was all about the top four technologies which are considered to be less popular in India. However, amongst all the technologies around us – the above-mentioned provide us with the brightest and reliable ways to trust technologies for our entertainment and well as business purposes.

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