Why Should You Focus on Real Estate Photo Enhancement?

Real Estate Photo Enhancement

Digital photo enhancement isn’t new for any industry; today’s mobile phones have in-built software to enhance the photo right after it’s clicked automatically. Photo enhancement can work wonders for your business sales and promotions when implemented properly. Digital photo enhancement can boost your property sales and will bring a lot more benefits like brand establishment, easier convincing & conversion of clients, and bring speed in overall business operation.

From doing it on your own or simply outsourcing photo editing from any Real Estate photo editing company, there are multiple methods to get it done. Several sales and marketing experts have confirmed that enhanced photos have helped them conduct better campaigning for their business. Continue reading to find more benefits and real-life examples of enhanced photos.

What is Real Estate Photos Enhancement

Digital photo enhancement has come a long way in the last decade, but still, very few are familiar with real estate photo editing and its benefits. It was originally started to meet advertising, where digital marketers demanded better-quality photos for better click-through-rate and to draw attention to the advertisement. It’s neither advisable nor a good decision to upload raw photos on your business websites, magazines, or social media handles.

It helps potential buyers to see every tiny detail of the property without visiting it physically. When clicking photos of a property, the weather will rarely complement the raw photo. It’s also difficult to set up the required lighting and shift the complete setup each time you click the photo of a different wall, different room, inside and outside of the property.

This usually results in too much work and still clammy and cold photos. No one will pay attention, but that’s where beautification proves utterly beneficial. The cleaning, vibrant, color correctness, whether enhancement or replacement, etc., is real estate photos enhancement.

Benefits of Real Estate Photo Enhancement

Because of the below-mentioned benefits, nearly all real estate businesses are already opting for photo enhancement. If you’re looking forward to scaling up your business or finding difficulty connecting with clients, then go through the benefits below and consider hiring a highly skilled and experienced editor in real estate photography. Here are six benefits of enhancing real estate photos:

1. Color Correction and Improved Brightness

Correcting colors and improving brightness was the beginning of real estate or any product photo enhancement. Even after putting a lot of effort into setting up lighting, applying sprays to increase color contrast, and hiring a highly experienced photographer, the raw photo will still have a lot of areas of improvement. Correcting the color of individual sections of the image, enhancing brightness, and correcting sharpness can easily make any real estate image up to 5 times better.

2. Weather & Sky Enhancement

After introducing brightness & color enhancement for some time, sky replacement was the second-most significant benefit. Most of the clear sky you see in real estate photography is fake. The blue and clear sky people see in photos isn’t available 365 days, and there are several cities and countries where clear blue sky sight is rare. Sky replacement is highly beneficial in such cases. If not implemented, a dull, gloomy, rainy, or stormy sky can make a beautiful property look highly unattractive.

There are several photo editing companies offering outsourcing services for real estate photography. At a very nominal price, such photo outsourcing agencies are experts in replacing weather & sky into a beautiful evening sky, bright sunny day, sunrise & sunset.

3. Perspective Correction Technique

Commonly known as alignment correction or straightening of photos, any architectural or property-based image is always straight in vertical & horizontal positioning. It never converges, but the angle may not be appealing in raw photos.

Due to factors like the shape of the room, camera position, minor mistakes while clicking photos (hard to understand in a small display of camera), etc the perspective may be inappropriate. The ill-framed raw photos are corrected to give it a natural and aligned look. It also benefits in focusing on the primary points of interest in real estate properties.

4. Removing Unwanted Objects

Real Estate photography cannot always be done after the project is completely furnished and ready, or outdoor photography may often have some objects which aren’t easy to remove. If your business or professional photographer also gets stuck in such common situations, then the object removal technique (when done by experts) can save your images from getting photobombed.

From removing hanging wires, and the unwanted appearance of kittens to parked cars and more, these obstructions can be easily removed, and images will look as if there was no object to begin with. It just needs expert-level retouching and blending to fill up the gap after digitally removing objects.

5. Minimizing Grains/Noise Effect

Availability of light cannot always be as required, especially for indoor and night photography. Besides light availability, exposure time, sensor size, mistakes during the clicking of photos, and several other factors can decrease the sharpness of images and result in grains. When we zoom a photo with high megapixels, we still see the graining/noise effect. A highly skilled professional photographer is capable of minimizing such effects. This makes photos more appealing, vibrant, and more clear.

6. Manipulating Images

While it may sound a little unethical or inappropriate to some, real estate photo manipulation or any other product photoshoot manipulation isn’t new and is omnipresent. It’s neither unethical nor inappropriate, and that’s because your clients will always have a physical visit before investing millions and buying a place to stay. Enhancing real estate photos can only increase the probability of a physical visit, but the ultimate buying decision will still be after the buyers see the property through their eyes.

A highly skilled and experienced editor can add grass to an otherwise empty lawn or add a manipulative property or park to the neighboring empty or unattractive area of the concerned property.

Why Outsource From a Real Estate Photo Editing Company

Outsourcing has endless benefits over an in-house setup. From saving costs by paying hourly for specific work to getting top-notch expertise, outsourcing is the right choice for most businesses. To get more understanding of how real estate photos look before and after enhancement, you can simply go to Google Images and type a generic query such as “before and after real estate photo enhancement” and check out the expert work done by the outsourcing expert firms.

Unless your business requirement includes clicking and enhancing thousands of photos regularly, outsourcing will remain the best option. No additional department to hire, train, pay full-time, and look after.


Digital photo enhancement is an unavoidable and must-include option in 2022 and ahead. We have added some of the most common and universally applicable benefits of real estate photo editing. However, there are still several other benefits that may vary from business to business. If your business is spending huge on advertisements, campaigns, and other promotions but still not getting desired output or you simply want to scale up the sales further, then there are very high possibilities that properly enhanced photos can take you there.

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