What To Study To Become An IT Architect?

IT Architect

A career in IT can open the door to opportunities in working with computers, developing software, analyzing and solving problems, managing security systems, and doing much more. 

So, suppose you have already chosen the path of becoming an IT architect or an enterprise architect. In that case, we will guide you through how to become an IT architect with the job roles and responsibilities an IT architect takes over after joining a company. 

Who Is An IT Architect?

An IT architect is a professional who plans and executes the infrastructure and design of an enterprise’s IT infrastructure, systems, and services. They are well-versed in both the business and technical aspects of IT, allowing them to design a system that would provide optimal outcomes for the company, whether it’s software, hardware, network, or anything else.

They use systematic diagrams to specify the requirements, business/IT models, implementation road map, and other criteria as they design IT structures. An IT architect also ensures the underlying IT architecture has features that meet the company’s current and future demands.

What Does An IT Architect Do?

Before we move on to discuss how to become an IT architect, we will list some of the job roles and responsibilities:

  • The primary duty is maintaining the organization’s computer networks, infrastructure, and other technical aspects. 
  • Making modifications to the existing network infrastructure. 
  • Ensuring that all of an organization’s IT complies with all applicable laws and requirements
  • Taking complete responsibility for the whole lifecycle of the solutions they create and distribute

How To Become An IT Architect?

To have a successful career in architecture we will shed some light on the steps you must endeavor to have a successful career in architecture. 

Pursue A Bachelor’s Degree

The first step to pursuing a career in architecture is laying a solid foundation. After 10th grade, consider making mathematics a major because of how integral it is to architecture. A solid understanding of physics is essential for architects. Sketching out ideas for buildings on paper is helpful.

Choose a degree in information technology, computer science, or computer engineering. Understanding computer systems, networks, and software are crucial throughout your academic career. Learning how to model, analyze, and use cloud and virtualization technologies is also essential.

Apply For An Internship

Once you complete your degree, consider taking an internship to provide some hands-on experience and get you job-ready before you take on exciting big projects. 

Explore your employment options in various fields of information technology (IT) and computer science (CS). Applying what you’ve learned in class to real-world scenarios may be a great way to hone your abilities. Gaining practical work experience during an internship might boost your application for entry-level jobs following graduation. 

Training Programs

Every aspiring architect must complete an internship as part of their training. But, developing technical and soft skills is vital to stay relevant with new technologies coming around every now and often. Hard skills are the specialized abilities required for a particular job, whereas soft skills are more intangible qualities like reliability and adaptability.

Some specializations include cloud computing skills, systems infrastructure, computer systems, etc. 

Earn Professional Certification

Consider getting a professional certification from a well-known online program to prove to a potential employer that you have the skills they are looking for. Credentials will give you an extra edge for more senior positions and responsibilities in your company. Some professional certifications are CISCO, the open group, Iasa global, etc. 

Join An Organization

Join an IT firm and put your education and training to good use by working alongside other knowledgeable professionals who can help you develop to your full potential. When you join a company, you open yourself to experiences that can broaden your horizons. 

Acquire IT Experience

After completing your degree, you should look for entry-level work in information technology. Learn the ins and outs of networking technologies, computer systems, virtualization, information security, and cloud computing.

With experience, a capable IT architect may advance to various management positions. For example, there may be executive positions in big companies and top management positions in IT. According to Glassdoor, an IT architect can earn up to Rs. 22 lakhs per year in India and $ 1,40,327 annually in the United States, depending on the location, the organization, and the job role. 


Computer services, banking, government, and telecommunications are popular fields. Most IT architects put in 40 hours a week during regular business hours. However, they could have to put in more time if they have to deal with security concerns or problems. 

In short, IT architects should have a firm grasp of IT and business processes since they operate at the intersection of the two. As a result, you might be a good fit for the job if you are good at technology and are interested in both business and technology.

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