Singapore Employment Pass: 6 Things You Need

Singapore Employment Pass

Going to a foreign country for work can sometimes be confusing. You don’t know where to start and what you need to ensure the process is easy and successful. Nevertheless, you can handle every process successfully and swiftly with a good understanding and adequate information.

According to labor law in Singapore, you must qualify for various work passes to travel and work there. One of the common passes is the Singapore Employment Pass. Once your company deploys you to work in Singapore, you must go through and qualify for this employment pass.

Bust, what do you know about the Singapore employment pass? Here are six basic things you should know.

What is a Singapore Employment Pass?

Before looking at some fundamental things you should know about the Singapore employment pass, let’s define and understand what it is. A Singapore Employment pass (EP) is a work visa/pass provided by the ministry of labor/manpower to expatriates such as managers, professionals, executives, directors, or doctors, wishing to work in Singapore legally or have been deployed there by their companies.

Singapore employment pass is so versatile that it covers the largest group of professional foreigners working in Singapore. With this kind of pass, you don’t require other work to pass the quota. Further, the company setup Singapore determines the time your employment pass take and the whole process

Here are Six Things You Should Know about Singapore Employment Pass

  1. How To Qualify For Singapore Employment Pass

The first and most important thing you need to know about the Singapore employment pass is the criteria to qualify for this pass. To qualify, you should earn a minimum salary of $5000 for fresh graduates. An individual with higher experience may be required to make more to allow. Executive, specialized, or managerial positions would be best. You are required to have a degree from a recognized university. However, a better salary and a good professional and employment history can compensate for the lack of a degree.

It’s good to note that the authority always thoroughly reviews all these guidelines and requirements before you are granted the employment pass.

  1. The Required Documents When Applying For Employment Pass

Some of the documents you need when applying for a Singapore employment pass include the following;

  • A Singapore employment pass application for. Your company should fully endorse it.
  • A copy of all your educational certificates and updated resume
  • Testimonials or references from your latest or previous employers
  • The latest photo of yourself (passport size). It should have been taken within the last three months.
  • A business profile of the company employing you in Singapore, a copy with the job description, duties, and responsibilities

Apart from the above documents, you may be required to provide details of products your employing company will be dealing with or the services they provide. In addition, you may also be required to provide any other supporting documents.

If you have a spouse and children under 21, they can apply for a long-term visit pass or a dependent’s pass once your employment pass is successful. In most cases, the long-term visit pass (LTVP) is usually approved simultaneously with the employment pass. Further, your parents can also apply for LTVP, but you must be earning $12000 for them to qualify.

  1. How To File the Singapore Employment Pass and the Time it Takes to process

There are two simple ways you can file your Singapore employment pass. If your Singapore employing company has an online employment pass account, you can easily register and fill out the application form online. It may take about three weeks to be processed from the date you submitted it.

The second method is submitting a manual application. This method allows you to attach all your supporting documents, which is impossible online. The manual application may take up to eight weeks to be processed.

How to know that Your Employment Pass is approved, and how or Where to Collect it?

Once your Singapore employment pass is approved, the ministry of manpower immediately sends the in-Principle-approval letter to your employing company, instantly alerting you. It’s good to note that the in-Principle-Approval letter is only valid for six months starting from the date it was issued.

To collect your employment pass, you must travel to Singapore and present a valid copy of the In-Principle-Approval letter, passport, and other supporting documents requested. You will be issued a one-time entry visa to enable you to travel to Singapore to collect your employment pass. If you had applied for a long-term visit pass or dependent’s passes, you could also collect them with your employment pass.

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What to Do If Your Employment Pass Is Rejected?

If your employment pass is rejected, you can submit an appeal. However, you must examine some reasons for rejecting your employment pass application and address them in your appeal. Appeals take around four to six weeks to be processed. Always provide additional details and supporting documents in your appeal.

How To Renew Your Singapore Employment Pass?

Three months before your Singapore employment pass expires, your employing company will receive an employment pass renewal, enabling you to file for renewal. You must complete the form to the Ministry of Manpower four weeks before your employment pass expires. Once your renewal application has been approved, the approval letter is sent to your employing company. However, you will collect your new employment pass in the Ministry of Manpower office.

Wrapping Up

The Singapore employment pass requirements keep changing depending on the directions and regulations provided by the Ministry of Manpower. While in Singapore and you decide to change employers, your new employer should apply for a new employment pass for you. In addition, if there are any changes, such as a change in salary, moving to a different address, or change in the company name, or address, your employer should inform the MOM immediately.

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