Repair Corrupted MDF File – A Guide for Beginners

repair corrupted MDF file

Summary – All the users know the basic fact that the server of the SQL Database stores millions of records. However, Microsoft’s SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is highly used for managing the database server. This studio is mainly used for querying the character data where the character are obtained in the corrupt format. 

To repair the MDF file SQL server 2008, we have an instant solution for all. You can directly use the third-party utility, i.e, Sysinfo SQL Database Recovery Software. As this wizard is very comprehensive for all versions of Windows. In this upcoming blog, you’ll get to how you can easily repair corrupted MDF file. 

MDF file is the cornerstone of SQL Database, it includes the database and schema. Usually, when it gets corrupt, then no other user cannot make an update to it. Let me give you some reasons behind to repair MDF file. 

What are the reasons to repair MDF file corrupted?

There could be many reasons to repair corrupt MDF file as follows – 

  • Improper shutting down of the system that owns to power outage or hard restart. 
  • Many bugs within the products of Microsoft. 
  • Several Technical faults within the other storage devices or external drives that are connected to the server.
  • Must be a Virus infection to one or a huge mass on the server. 

Precautionary Measures to prevent MDF file corrupted – 

There are some suggestive measures to repair corrupted MDF file as follows – 

  • Must try to use a type of binary data.
  • Use a UNICODE data type instead of a NON-UNICODE data type. 
  • Try to use a diverse tool for accessing and storing data. 
  • Impair the parameters of data translation. 

How to Repair Corrupted MDF file Through Different Methods? 

Proceeding further, we’ve already discussed the preventive measures to damage MDF file free. These measures cannot help you to recover and repair data from the damaged file. For you, we have various methods How to Repair Corrupted MDF file. 

Method 1: How to repair MDF file SQL server 2008 Manually?

  • First, run the DBCC CHECKDB on your SQL Database through the following command. 

DBCC CHECKDB (Name of the corrupt Database) 

  • After that, check the ID of the index and make sure to consider the following scenarios.
  • If the ID of the index is 0 or 1, then run the  DBCC CHECKDB. And use the options of repair like – 

repair_rebuild, repair_fast, or repair_allow_data_loss 

  • If the ID of the index > 1, then drop and design it again. 

For instance, 

DBCC CHECK (name_of_corrupt_database, repair_fast)

DBCC CHECK (name_of_corrupt_database, repair_rebuild)

DBCC CHECK (name_of_corrupt_database, repair_allow_data_loss)

  • In the end, make sure to resolve all the corruption or there must be zero corruption. 

What are the limitations of doing the manual method? 

  • The manual method is very time-taken and lengthy.
  • It fails very quickly in case of a corrupted MDF file.
  • The primary limitation is that it requires prior technical knowledge. 

Method 2:  How to repair MDF file Professionally? 

Till now, I have mentioned that there is a manual method which seems to be a very difficult and complex method. Don’t worry at all! We have another option for all. You can also take the third-party tool for future benefit. You can directly use the third-party utility, i.e, SQL Database Recovery Software.

The foremost part of this software is that it can easily recover crucial data or information from MDF file corrupted.  It also fixes the SQL Server Recovery Pending  state. This wizard successfully stores SQL Database objects for example – stored procedures, views, tables, and many more! It allows users to MDF Files in two different formats. 

Final Words: 

In the above blog, we have mentioned firstly what is the SQL Database and what is the working of it. After that, we have also mentioned what are the reasons to repair MDF file corrupted and the preventive measures also.

Then, there are two different methods to repair MDF file free. The first method is all about the manual method which is very hard for both the users. The second method is all about the third-party tool, Sysinfo SQL Database Recovery Software.

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