Real Estate Project Finance – Know Different Funding Types

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When we look at real estate from the outside, we think it is all about buying and selling houses. Well, it is, but there is a lot more than just property dealing in real estate to learn about. Has this concept ever come to your mind where all the real estate project fiance comes from? Real estate is indeed a money floating business if you are a known/ experienced agent or CEO.

People work for real estate to earn some extra bucks, and some also work as full-time workers. Under this article, we will be discussing the types of funding that happens in real estate. For example, if you want to buy a house in city homes for sale in San Diego, you should know how real estate project finance works.

Sometimes stakeholders face problems during certain projects like how to minimize the cost without affecting the quality and getting returns with a good amount of cash flow. The finance structure depends on multiple factors; the project’s development stage is one of the most crucial steps, and the type of the project also matters.

Everything from legal instrumentation to financial framework plays an important role, even the pirates involved along with their background matters in conditions. Read the rest of the article to gain more knowledge about the topic.

Define Real Estate Project Finance

When an independent capital investment of a long-term financing project, which is basically known as cash flow and asset, which could be evidently identified, is called real estate project finance. Basically, all the large and risky projects of developed countries use this method of finance funding.

This method is popularly known as project finance, i.e., PF. under PF, the funds have been raised with limited recourse, specially created through an independent company.

This project finance is different from traditional construction finance. The landers will share the risks related to business with the company. The cash flow obtained by the project will be against future project finance. Every individual initiative is done by the participants looking to generate cash flow.  

Advantages And Disadvantages of Real Estate Project Fiance

As all the things around have advantages and disadvantages, so does real estate project finance; below, we have listed some of the vital pros and cons of project finance:


  • Due to the establishment of separate companies like SPV/ SPE, transparent organization and projects could be easily managed.
  • The priority is to reduce agency costs and strengthen investor control over the cash flow.
  • Under real estate projects finance, you can get a high fiance leverage which gives high raise and significant resources to the companies.
  • Under it, your borrower will get limited recourse. 


  • All the projects under real estate project fiances are expensive and complex project which requires research and negotiation.
  • All the contracts between project participants are multilateral financing structures.
  • Under it, you have to go under all the loan processes from large or state banks.

Types Of Funding

For any successful business structure, it is important to have knowledge about perfect funding sources. Before that, it is even more important to know about the types of funding in the real estate market.

The below section lists some of the common debt instruments used in real estate projects.

  1. Debt: Debt is basically taking money as a form of loan, but usually by banks but someone times from any wealthy syndicates or individual. The major thing to understand is that if the project goes downhill, the lender may not proceed with the project any further and can take the property. The pros include the stability factor; you will get a fixed return and an annual interest rate.   
  2. Equity: The ownership is owned in the form of an asset which includes debt and all other liabilities related to it, which is known as Equity. These are some familiar sources that get used under Equity under real estate financing:
  3. You can take a loan from people in your connectivity, like your friends or family, which you can use during the early stages.
  4. Can also opt for crowd-funding; there are multiple sites that can help you with fundraising and mogul serve for the Equity of clearing-houses.  
  5. People often choose Family-offices as a form of their Equity which is considered one of the best ways so far for capital in real estate funding. You will see some wealthy families inside small offices who manage such investments. Family offices finance in personal deals.  

    3.  Lease Rental Discounting: The loan taken from banks against rental receipts, basically derived from lease contracts and corporate tenants. The loan is always provided according to the underlying property value; you can get some discounted value of the rentals too. 

When it comes to financing in real estate is very important to have good knowledge of financial knowledge. Your financial instruments play a vital in order to build the projects according to your needs.

However, the discretion of the project developer is equally important. Most of the time, developers do such things to avoid the dilution of projects. Sometimes to avoid some rigid obligations, developers avoid debt. 

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  4. Asset Class:

  • All the cases related to operating income and producing real estate are handled by Real Estate Investment Trust, which is famously known as REIT. This organization also owns different types of niches which include everything from apartments, commercial real estate, buildings, shopping centres, offices, commercial forests, etc.     
  • Just like Real Estate Investment Trust, Infrastructure Investment Trust, also known as InvIT, holds all the activities regarding infrastructure assets. All the cash flow goes to the unitholders periodically that comes in because of revenue infrastructure assets.

In A Nutshell:

As said before, when it comes to real estate, there is much more than just dealing with property and its deeds. People earn a lot more just working in real estate because they know how finance work in it. Do not just limit your knowledge being a real estate broker, dug deep to gain more knowledge about how things work under real estate project finances. Hope the above-written article helped you with your research.   

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