How Used Car Market Is Using Technology To Grow Post-COVID-19?

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COVID-19 has impacted the automobile industry in several ways. Several countries went through blanked lockdown during the initial days to contain the virus. However, economies across the globe are now unlocked but social distancing has become the new normal. Buyers prefer online shopping over offline experiences.

While the sales in the used car market have picked up, buyers are still reluctant to visit the garage/ dealer for car shopping. Due to the pandemic and slowed down economy. Potential buyers prefer used cars but they also want a safer buying experience. To lure buyers, used car dealers are now embracing technology at a faster pace.

Contactless Experience

Used car dealers are now focusing more on their online channels to reach customers efficiently. Dealers are investing in customer-friendly eCommerce platforms, mobile apps, and digital advertising to reach potential buyers.

Like any other commodity, used cars can be seen listed with all the details like kilometers on the odometer, number of owners, insurance, condition of the vehicle, challans, and more. You can even go through detailed photographs of the car to make an informed choice. And if you like everything, you can buy the car straight from the online platform and the dealer will deliver the vehicle within the promised time.

Verified/ Certified Cars

To reduce the chances of fraud and defective cars, used car dealers are now selling certified cars. These cars go through proper checks for interiors, exteriors, and engines; and are refurbished professionally to eliminate the possibility of any wrongdoing.

These cars are certified for the promised quality. Some used car dealers also offer a warranty of up to 1 year on the sold vehicle for further assurance. You can check the warranty details online.

Book Test Drive Online

Used car dealers are now also accepting online requests of a test drive. Here also, dealers offer a thoroughly sanitized vehicle to keep you safe. You can also request the dealer through a mobile app to send the vehicle to your home for a test drive at a nominal price.

Online Auto Loan

To provide financing facilities, used car dealers have now tied up with banks and finance companies to offer contactless auto loans. You just need to login to the online portal of the car dealer, fill in the required details, and find out the eligibility for your loan. You can submit all the documents digitally to get the loan sanctioned instantly.

Used Car Buyers Doing their Due Diligence through Mobile Apps

It is always good to do your own research before buying a used vehicle. Nowadays users are using mobile apps to extract information about used cars. To get all the car info, users are leveraging RTO vehicle information apps to find out pending challans, the number of users, the age of the vehicle, insurance status, and more.

On top of that, if you are not sure about the real value of the used car you are buying, you use apps like CarInfo to find the fair value of the vehicle. All you have to do is fill up the car model information, manufacturing year, and voila, the app will pull out the fair value of the car within seconds. Knowing the approximate value of a vehicle can help you in bargaining more efficiently with the dealer and find a cheaper deal.

Wrapping Up

With COVID-19, social distancing has become the norm, and buyers will prefer buying used cars from dealers that offer a safer buying experience. On top of that, potential buyers are now also indulging in more online research to find all the information beforehand. I think, the trend will continue to evolve to become more efficient and user-friendly in the future.

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