How LoRaWAN® modules can assist the Ageing Population

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The ageing population increases as time passes, together with this we have technological advancements that would assist our seniors. After all, the Internet of Things is about moving the world and its people forward together and without leaving anyone behind. 

There have been IoT projects that have already started doing these. One example is the Smart Nurturing Project whose goal is to promote remote care through detecting, controlling, and alerting. Though these seem like the most LoRaWAN Modules for the elderly, there are still several other advantages present.

Benefits of LoRaWAN® modules to the Ageing Population

1. Ensure Quality Care

For the elderly who have caretakers staying with them during the daytime, family members need assurance that the nurses are truthful to their agreement regarding their time schedule. With LoRa indoor gateways, designing a time card reader is possible which functions as a monitor system and also automates billing based on the time.

2. Prevention of Accidents

Smartwatches and or wearable devices are a popular innovation that has several functions. The most known feature, however, is its ability to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, sleeping patterns, water intake and so on. Apart from this, additional features that have been included is to detect unknown or suspicious breathing that sends an alert to notify authorized personnel and family members.

Aside from this, LoRa indoor gateways can assist in home automation, particularly in keeping hallways and bathrooms well-lit during the night when its sensors detect movement. This way it can prevent falls from happening.

3. Properly Functioning Equipment

The previous two examples are for elders that live in their homes, but for those who reside in elderly shelters, LoRa indoor gateway are of help especially in creating detectors that can monitor the status of rooms and equipment.

In detail, monitoring systems in a room can signal nurses when suspicious activity or an alerting vital sign is detected. Another example is to ensure the status of every equipment (i.e. defibrillators, machines, etc.). 

Overall, these innovations are able to help seniors gain independence and confidence while simultaneously keeping watch of them.

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