How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Customer Service?

Artificial Intelligence

Client service must carry weight for every successful business. Technological development gives extra possibilities for connecting with consumers, catering for their requirements and getting the best possible result. Today customer service by AI is getting faster, more clear and more popular among both companies and individuals.

Satisfying customers by chatbots

A decision to make use of AI’s benefits in communication with consumers is worthwhile for the company because of bots’ ability to supply more customers’ wishes and reduce the amount of staff. From information supplied by Acquire, 80% of requests from customers are resolved by chatbots without human intervention. One more benefit is that consumers can receive the help they need just in time they’ve asked for help.

The need in expectation of the support team disappears, which significantly reduces the time to resolve existing issues and to satisfy the company’s client. Due to Gartner statistics, the most common questions to the support is about the timetable, location of the branch and parcel delivery. Companies point out a lot of benefits from AI bots when they are involved in these types of services instead of real workers.

Consumer analysis

AI systems anticipate consumer behavior and encourage them with special offers and discounts based on their own preferences. This analysis allows companies to make more personalized offerings to consumers and encourage them to purchase more frequently. SO1 estimates that the number of people buying products on the recommendation of modern AI systems is, on average, nine times more than the number of people buying products on the recommendation of traditional promotions and offers.

AI systems help consumers not only get some goods but also pay for products using their phones, make shopping lists and learn information about products for understanding their composition. Amazon is trying to introduce AI in its usual stores. It has created a smart shopping trolley that is equipped with scanners and sensors – it analyzes everything that a customer puts there. Spender can immediately pay for the purchase at a special self-checkout counter without any lines or wasting time scanning products at the till.

Security issues

People believe that websites or marketplaces know nearly everything about their clients, but this data can be attached by hackers and used for sordid purposes. Despite the confidentiality problems consumers prefer AI systems because getting perfectly tailored offers to fit a customer’s specific lifestyle. But companies today are working hard about both satisfying clients requirements and confidentiality of their personal information.

Thus, Artificial Intelligence software help customers to gain the data they want and save consumer’s time by accessing information in no time and only at a touch of a button. AI will answer even if the user writes to a chat at 4 a.m. Not less important that due to AI it’s easier for buyers to get the products they need.

Thanks to AI the customer service is getting better and better with the lapse of time.

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