Don’t Forget Printed Lanyards for Marketing

Printed Lanyards

Remember all the conferences you’ve been to, where you get specially lanyards as a pass or a nice free gift. This might be something you’re used to if you have a lot of events every year, but company lanyards are anything but average.

 Custom lanyards are a smart way to out-think the competition and grab the attention of potential new customers. They are a fun way to approach marketing, an inexpensive tool, and easy to get into the hands of others.

Investing in a printed lanyard shows that you’re smart about branding. It shows you know the details, and when you hand out a lanyard, you’re partaking in a method of marketing many people forget about.

Don’t be one of those people, it can pay off to use lanyards, and here you’ll understand why. But, if you already know you want a printed lanyard, Simply Merchandise in Australia has a wide range of offerings, just for you. 

Everyone Needs Them

In addition, to use them, people wear them. People use lanyards to keep track of their keys, students use them to keep their IDs visible, professionals put office badges on them, some people carry mobile phones on them and some workplaces even have access cards, so a lanyard comes in handy.

Because a lanyard has a real-life practical use, people aren’t going to throw out their lanyards or put them in their closets and forget about them. They’ll likely find a use for them, and then continue to use them in the long run.

They’re Highly Visible

Branded lanyards do two things: they make the brand more familiar to the owner and anyone else who happens to see it. Every time someone picks up your lanyard and puts it on, they remember and think about your brand. Because they have a custom lanyard, other people can see it too.

Even if the person wearing the lanyard only sees a handful of people each day, it’s still people being aware of the brand. And that’s just one person with one lanyard. Imagine how many people you can reach with all the lanyards you could be giving out.

By far, lanyards are the most inexpensive walking billboards you could invest in.

They’re Budget Friendly

Lanyards are cheaper than other marketing styles. Radio and tv commercials, billboards, and posters are costly, and buying lanyards in bulk is cheap. So if your business is on a budget, or maybe you just want to put less money into marketing, this is a great option for you.

This cost comes from the fact that lanyards are easy to make. All you have to do is choose the logo or branding you want to be printed on them, and the manufacturer can put it together and have it out to you quickly.

They’re A Personal Touch

When you hand out a goodie bag full of useful items, or even just hand a customer a lanyard, it makes them feel valued, and immediately lets them know you care about the little things. Personalized offerings always make people feel like they’re getting personalized service, so a little lanyard can go a long way. Looking for a lanyard? Contact Simply Merchandise for your next printed lanyard purchase.

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