Decoration Inspiration & Stylish Ideas for Every Room

Decoration Inspiration & Stylish Ideas for Every Room

Home decoration can be a daunting task. Where to start and what to buy? How much budget should you allocate per room? And, are there definite dos and don’ts to decorating? The answer to all these and other questions you have is that it is really dependent on you and your aesthetics.

As the homeowner, only you will know what you truly want for your space. There are some tips that you can follow but at the end of the day, the important thing is that you’re happy with the end results. Nevertheless, here are some suggestions we have compiled from experts that you can use to inspire you in decorating each room in your home.

Living Room

The living room is the first room that greets you when returning home, and the first room that your guests will see. It is highly imperative for your living room to not only be welcoming but aesthetically pleasing as well. 

A great way to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere is through cosy sofas with generous seats like Togo Sofa and Charles Sofa. Throw pillows and thick blankets as accents will add an extra level of warmth. Rich textured rugs are also must-haves for the ideal living room you and your guests would enjoy lounging in.

Instead of leaving your walls bare, hang some art, framed pictures or knickknacks like a wall mirror and pretty ceramics. The little details can enhance your living room’s aesthetics.

Dining Room

The dining room is akin to a meeting room in your own home. It is where your friends and family convene with a good meal and a hearty discussion. Thus, your dining room needs to be a space where people can comfortably dine and socialize with each other.

The principal focus of your dining room is naturally your dining set. Thus, it is important to set your aesthetics based on your chosen dining set. Nature themes are popular this year, thus you would do well with wooden frames. You can never go wrong with classic choices like the Wishbone Y Chair or the Saarinen Executive Chair.

Your choice of lighting will greatly affect the atmosphere of your dining room. The Beat Pendant Lights like this or this one can create a modern look. Whereas for a more vintage style, you can go for a chandelier like this one


The kitchen, as a utilitarian space needs to be practical on top of being stylish. Keeping your kitchen organized should be a top priority. That means you need to have enough space for cabinets and surfaces to store your items.

When it comes to choosing colours for your cabinets and shelving, new trends suggest that wooden finishes and all-white are still very much in style. Marble countertops, brass or stainless steel furnishings, pendants lights are all accents that you can never go wrong with.

There’s no question that the kitchen has become an even more integral part of your lives as the pandemic makes it impossible for people to dine out. It’s a space for both comfort and communication. And a way to enhance that is through barstools! You can go for a modern-looking Tolix Bar Stool or vintage ones like the Beetle Style Bar Stool.


Aside from the living room, another space that can leave a long-lasting impression on your guests, is your bathroom. So don’t feel guilty splurging on this little space. Backlit mirrors and medicine cabinets. On top of being clean, an aesthetic bathroom is an integral part of any home.

Mixing organic and modern elements like wooden cabinets for the washbasin and clean marble tiles for the wall and flooring creates a beautiful juxtaposition. Natural light is preferable for the bathroom but pendant lights and wall lights that go well with your bathroom’s style works perfectly as well.

For accents, adding backlights to the mirror or medicine cabinet is a popular choice. A plant by the washbasin is also very fashionable and can give your bathroom a cleaner and cosier look.


The bedroom is your sanctuary, thus it is important that your designated space for sleeping is designed selfishly with your own preferences. This is the only room where you don’t have to pick room decors and pieces with guests or other people in mind.

The most important item in your bedroom is of course your bed. You spend optimistically eight hours or so in it. A good bed is necessary for a good night’s sleep. Invest in mattresses and beddings that will give you the utmost comfort.

When it comes to choosing bed frames, low platforms are in these days. It presents a more contemporary look with its clean and modern design. With that said, you can never go wrong with the classic regular height wooden or metal bed frames. The important thing is to match the overall aesthetics of the room with other elements like a nightstand, closet, dresser, desk and chair. Don’t forget to add accents like rugs, a mirror, art and plants to create your dream bedroom.

Home Office

The home office has never been more significant in people’s lives than with this year and the previous’ Coronavirus pandemic. It is important to invest in your home office as the world continues to live in the normal and working from home has become the norm.

Functionality and style should go hand in hand in your office space. When choosing desks, make sure that the finish suits your taste, the surface is wide enough, there are enough shelving or drawers and that it is an appropriate height for your size. Consider the size of the office chair as well.

Ergonomic chairs are a must for your health and productivity. Using unsuitable chairs for longs hours of work can give you back pains and bad posture, which can lead to a myriad of other health issues like stiff neck, joint pain and reduced circulation. Discomfort can lead to less productive hours and can affect your work performance.

For ergonomic chairs, choose ones that are adjustable and that can carry your weight comfortably. The Eames Style Office Chair is a classic that is sleek and stylish while providing optimum support and comfort. If you live in a warmer climate, it is advisable to forgo leather for mesh material, as it holds up better in heat and humidity. If your room has windows, it is advisable to place your desk next to it. It’s proven that natural light can make people happier, and thus more productive. The views can also stir creativity by promoting brain activity. However, if windows are not present, hanging art on the walls will certainly help. And, of course, potted plants as always.

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