Best Dry Fruits For Good Hair Growth

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Everyone is scared of hair loss and wants their hair to be healthy. The solution to growing healthy & long hair lies in the type of food you consume daily. Per month, hair grows 0.5 inch and every year on average hair grows up to 6 inches. Hair growth acceleration can adequately take place if you take care of what you eat on a day-to-day basis. 

Healthy diet incorporation is the primary key to making your hair grow faster. It is not possible to control genetics, age, or environment, but you can surely do something about your diet. Healthy Master deals with a lot of healthy dry fruits nuts that can be highly helpful in keeping your hair healthy and long. Such dry fruit and other healthy food can be beneficial for hair in many ways like minimizing breakage, increasing volume, increasing shine, hydrated hair, nourished long hair, etc. 

Healthy Master Dry Fruits for Hair Growth 

Dry fruits at Healthy Master make a nutritious evening snack and are very good for breakfast in the morning. Apart from this, dry fruits contain biotin, sulfur, and iron that are necessary nutrients required for promoting hair growth. 

The following dry fruits available online at Healthy Master are perfect nutrients for better hair growth:

  • Dates: Dates are rich in protein and necessary vitamins that can help in keeping the body healthy. Also, the presence of iron in dates online India can promote the growth of hair if they are consumed daily.  
  • Flax Seeds: These seeds contain numerous hair benefits such as pH level balancing, mane nourishing, conditioning, and oil production. They are high in Vitamin E that is great for hair thickness. Some powerful properties of antioxidants are available in these Healthy Master Flax Seeds that can prevent scalp damage. 
  • Figs: Anjeer or Figs contain a lot of iron by which there is a higher chance of growing long hair in less time. 
  • Almonds: Almonds have a high amount of protein, Vitamin E, zinc, and iron. If they are eaten daily, it can help in the prevention of hair falling alongside strengthening the roots of the hair. 
  • Walnuts: Healthy Master delivers tasty walnuts at your doorstep that possess a good quantity of alpha-linoleic acid and omega-3 fatty acids that can support conditioning the hair naturally. 
  • Nuts: Brazil nuts from Healthy Master are rich in selenium that is an essential mineral for managing a healthy hair scalp. Apart from saving hair loss, when nuts are consumed daily, they can assist in minimizing inflammation and heart disease risk reduction. 
  • Cashew: Cashews are full of zinc in them. These are the best type of dry fruits that are highly advantageous for getting healthy and long hair. Cashew can be consumed anytime in the day and will work best if taken daily. 
  • Berries: Healthy Master’s blueberry is a rich source of Vitamin C that contains strong properties of antioxidants. These properties help in the collagen production for capillaries strengthening that can supply hair shafts and promotes hair growth. The antioxidants help in the protection of hair follicles against loss or damage from dangerous free radical molecules. 

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Healthy Master Firm works hard to cater to the healthy & nutritional needs of all age groups people so that they do not feel the requirement of roaming anywhere else and get a one-stop solution. The food you consume can have a great influence on your hair health. If there is a deficiency of correct nutrients like Vitamin C, E, B, iron, zinc, fatty acids, protein, necessary minerals, etc, then it can lead to slower growth of hair and an increase in the problem of hair loss. Therefore, if you buy dry fruits online in India such as berries, nuts, almonds, cashew, pecan, flax seeds, dried dates & walnuts and consume them on a day-to-day basis then there is a huge possibility of getting highly healthy and thick hair. By this, all your hair loss and hair damage relevant worries can also get resolved in no time. So do not wait anymore and place your tasty dry fruits orders online from Healthy Master and enjoy the delicious & healthy food journey.

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