Advantages of Hosting QuickBooks in the Cloud

Quickbook hosting

QuickBooks Desktop is one of the most powerful accounting programs, capable of meeting the needs of all kinds of businesses. QuickBooks hosting on cloud can help your business heal as it has many benefits. Being capable of accessing your accounting files anytime and anyplace is paramount. Hosting QuickBooks desktop software on the cloud can help any business improve their productivity and create a better workplace.

Three ways to host the QuickBooks Desktop application:

Dedicated hosting: Multiple users connect directly to the server on which QuickBooks is installed.

Peer-to-peer hosting: For hosting on-premises, this is the type of most common hosting you want. In this case, one user hosts the application and data and makes it accessible to another network of her users.

Alternate Hosting: Main users connect to the hosting server over the Internet. Connecting to the primary user means other users on the network will be able to use the same applications and can access data on his/her screen.

What are the benefits of hosting QuickBooks on the cloud?

Accessibility – Multiple users can use the QuickBooks Pro Hosting accounting application to work on different or simultaneous business files from different locations. Data can be accessed in real-time via the Internet with the help of managed desktop as a service Solution on Virtual Desktops easily. All you need is a secure login.

Multi-User Collaboration – In a multi-user environment, business owners, CPAs, and select customers can collaborate while benefiting from real-time interactions with QuickBooks Pro Hosting.

High Efficiency – Integrating the QuickBooks Pro solution with various business add-ons may result in system hardware not being able to handle the load. QuickBooks hosted in the cloud provides a high-performance solution and can greatly reduce your loading times. This is a great asset whether running QuickBooks as a standalone or integrated into other systems.

Full Desktop Environment – Access all the features of the QuickBooks desktop version for accounting anytime, anywhere using any internet-connected device.

A Green Solution – QuickBooks Pro Hosting offers a balanced and powerful solution that reduces resource consumption while minimizing your carbon footprint. This software is instantaneous because it is stored in the cloud. You can get up and running in seconds and use as few resources as possible so your business can scale quickly.

Reliability – Save time, effort, and resources by allowing customers, employees, and business partners to collaborate in real-time on the same QuickBooks profile.

Data Integrity and Security – Companies are reluctant to host QuickBooks Pro due to data security concerns. In contrast, hosting QuickBooks on the cloud will guarantee the safety of your data. They put in multiple different levels of checks to ensure that your data isn’t compromised and is protected.


QuickBooks is the software that the most growing and stable businesses use to meet their bookkeeping needs. Most companies use hosting providers to host their accounting software in the cloud. Intuit-certified service providers such as Apps4rent will help businesses to host QuickBooks in the cloud and help them with different migration services to Migrate Exchange to Office 365 with great support and optimum security. Which considerably makes their data migration very safe and secure.

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