6 Tips To Optimize OTT Platform In 2022

OTT Platform

Building an OTT platform is not enough. You need to optimize an ott platform to meet the market demands and to stand apart from the crowd. This article will share a few tips to consider when optimizing an ott platform in 2022.

Tips to Optimize OTT platform

User experience is important.

Content is the main part of the OTT platform, but if users can’t find out the content, it is useless. A great UX /UI experience will make users find the right content they are searching for in an OTT platform. OTT platform providers face stiff competition across the global markets as they all fight for higher engagement of potential customers. The OTT platform should include search options, and personalized recommendations will likely attract more users.

Multiple factors that influence user experience

  • Easily find the content through browsing
  • Great search bar option
  • Smooth working of the video player
  • Low-quality streaming
  • Easier launching of OTT Service
  • Easy navigation

OTT platform must be more flexible to provide the same response time to all initial hundreds of users using the platform simultaneously.

Stay updated

In the past months, there has been a surge in the use of IPTV services. It’s a challenge for OTT providers to provide the same quality of service regardless of any number of subscribers using the OTT platform at once. This has also stretched the capacity of OTT platforms to be flexible to accommodate new users and provide the same quality of service.

OTT platform must include certain essential features like a Content delivery network, adaptive bitrate streaming, and delivery of video content on multiple devices like Laptops, mobile, and tablets.

Start following the modern system structure.

OTT platform providers must start following the modern system structure that is stable, easy to maintain with lower costs, more efficient, and includes advanced features and powerful functionality. It should also have the option to customize the OTT platform according to customers’ needs.

Make a note of OTT trends.

More stable and higher internet speed offered by 5G technology will be the new standard soon. It will be very beneficial for live streaming of events where video can be streamed with lower latency, thereby increasing user experience.

With 5G technology, AR and VR are possible as they will become new normal shortly. Any OTT platform is trying to merge it with video games.

More focus on the User interface, as users find it easier to navigate across the app or website so that users can find the content easily, thereby increasing user experience.

Start creating niche content so that you can target only a particular group of audiences. These audiences are likely to be loyal audiences as they stick with the OTT platform for a longer time, reducing subscription churn.

Localization of content is the next priority as the content should be available in the different audio languages and different subtitle options. This helps the OTT platform reach a larger audience and provide a seamless viewing experience to users present in different parts of the world. Creating localized content tends to attract a particular group of people.

Moving onto the cloud architecture will help the OTT platform overcome failure and breakdown of application, thereby providing more flexibility and efficient functioning of the OTT platform even with higher incoming traffic. Adding new additional features becomes easier with cloud architecture.

Multiple device compatibility

Try to target the audience based on devices like mobiles, laptops, and Smart TVs. Ensure that the OTT platform stream video content on most devices like mobiles, laptops, and Smart TVs. Make a mote that are you targeting the right device?

Is your target audience the younger generation who watch videos on mobile or laptops or the traditional generation who watch videos on TV?. Finally, choose a business model like SVOD, TVOD, or AVOD to monetize video content.

Consider choosing Cloud servers.

It’s always wise for OTT platform providers to go in line with Cloud servers. Scaling up is easier with cloud servers as there is no need for equipment and maintenance. It is very much easier to set up, and new features can be added with ease.


As the OTT platform increases in popularity and more video creators develop their own platforms to engage the viewers, UI/UX will remain key in acquiring and retaining users and reducing subscription churn. Managing millions of users and large content with highly personalized recommendations, search options, and content segmentation are also important. It is essential to optimize the OTT platform to take the service to the next level and stream high-quality video content even at peak times.

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