5 Ways to Protect Your Garage and Home  

Even though video footage can help a house owner significantly in spotting break-ins, there are more things one should be aware of. Law enforcement states that approximately 1.5 million house burglaries happen annually in the United States. To everyone’s surprise, the most typical way to gain access to home thieves is to break through the garage or backdoor.  

In almost one-third of the cases, the doors were left unlocked. Since we know how susceptible garages and windows are, they’re pretty vulnerable to smash-and-grab activities. Speaking of, garage door break-ins are rising since new statistics emerged.  

While videos are circulating of thieves using coat hangers and wooden blocks to access the release mechanism quickly, several groups have popped up throughout the country to make it difficult for homeowners to breathe. Below, the article discusses five imperative tips for protecting your garage and home

First, determine the garage door’s condition. 

Protecting a garage begins with accommodating the garage door itself. The door must be the priority as it’s the last line of defense between the exterior and interior, making it the most targeted breaking point for trespassers and burglars. More so, a secure garage door is also a deterrent for thieves. As a result, ensure the garage door is robust and delays the break-in time for trespassers or thieves. Alternatively, if the door is weathered, thieves might view it as one of the easy access points – and they will be correct in their assumption.  

Weak and old garage access points are straightforward to break into. So, here are a few common indicators of a weathered garage door.  

  • Rust 
  • Gaps 
  • Leaks 
  • Dents 
  • Warping panels 
  • Cracks 
  • Faded paint 

If you observe the mentioned signs of the garage door, call an expert to replace or repair the door. Remember, some thieves are subtle and spotless and utilize several tricks to enter and exit without leaving any evidence or trace besides your missing items.  

They can perform the activity without you knowing they were there. Meanwhile, burglars might also use brute force to access the garage. In case the garage door is filled with gaps and cracks, intruders will delay their visit and wait until the hour is right to get in through violent means. An owner can prevent such situations by investing in a secure and robust garage door.  

1. Ensure the garage door sensors are clean. 

If you weren’t aware, garage door sensors act as a safety net to ensure nothing falls under the door when it closes. Since sensors perform a significant job making sure the space below a door is clear of any objects, debris, toys, or pets, they can malfunction easily if caught with dust and dirt. You could simply drive outside, press the button to shut the garage door only to return and observe that it was open throughout. This is because of something that triggered the door sensors.  

If you do not find anything in the door’s way, the sensors might malfunction. So, wipe the dust, leaves, or any other object in its way. After that, utilize an e-screen wipe to wipe the sensor’s lens. This will fix the problem. However, consider replacing the fault sensors with new ones if the issue persists.  

2. Consider adding lights

Several burglars prefer the option of breaking in at night since it offers a natural cover of the dark from the watchful sight of neighbors and family members. If that is the case, consider adding lights as a deterrent to keep the thieves away from getting close to the house after evening hours. Buy and install motion-activated lights around the home in key areas, like tight corners and over the garage door and entryways.  

3. Think like a thief

This point might sound odd, but it adds to the list very well. And it would help if you gave it a try. So, take a few minutes and walk around the garage door exterior and question yourself, ‘how may a thief break in?’ Which areas are the most vulnerable? Is my garage secure? This is why looking at the house through a thief’s eyes is enlightening and beneficial.  

Spot pressure points and leaks throughout your system and try making a move. This way you’ll have a headstart thinking like a burglar. More so, go out during night hours and see if there’s any corner that needs to be administered with strategies or decisions. Once you’re done thinking, make a list and buy thing accordingly to safeguard specific exterior areas.  

4. Upgrade garage door openers 

In case you are still using a garage door opener, the garage is more vulnerable to break-ins than it might be if you installed a modern door opener. Suppose you have heard tales about thieves breaking in through garages using scanners that can seamlessly figure out older access codes. In this case, upgrading the garage door to a modern one will allow you a significant head start against burglars. Modern door openers are relatively quiet and do not consume more energy as yesteryear models.  

5. Transform weakness into strength. 

One of the most sensitive spaces of the garage is its release mechanism cord, windows, and side door. Speaking of, can all this be secured with a brief shopping trip and a hint of elbow grease? In order to secure the cord, consider buying a garage shield. These plastic and metal barriers prevent the 5-second method by making it impossible to access the garage door release thread with coat hangers.  

As a result, install a plate reinforcer to shore up the door’s weak points. In the end, stay frosty.  

The Verdict 

You need to know that there is no worse feeling than returning and discovering the garage wide open and your valuables missing. The number of break-ins in the previous year demonstrates why we need to administer our garage door issues. So, to avoid hindrances and burglary attempts, refer to an expert and schedule a free consultation on what needs to be done to make the garage more functional, secure, and visually appealing. 

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