Top Benefits of Choosing QuickBooks Hosting in 2022

QuickBooks Hosting

As a popular accounting software, QuickBooks is loved by users across the globe for its advanced features. With its all-inclusive tools and functionalities to make accounting tasks easier, it stands untouched as the leading accounting software for the last few decades.

Amidst the rising influence of cloud technology, many individuals look for a way to combine the powers of QuickBooks with the cloud. If you want to benefit from using this software maximally in 2022, a switch from using QuickBooks desktop software in a local-hosted environment to QuickBooks hosting is highly recommended.

Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud can be advantageous for your accounting practice in several ways, as detailed below:

Remote QuickBooks Access

How many times has it happened to you that you want to work on a few QB files urgently but couldn’t since you are out of the office?

The local-hosted environment creates such limitations. For example, when you have the software installed locally on a computer system, you can only access it when you are near that system. It cannot be accessed using any other device.

With the current pandemic in place, you and your team will most likely work from home in the year 2022 and need remote access to your QuickBooks desktop software. As an intelligent solution, QuickBooks hosting can eliminate such limitations and provide you with anytime-anywhere access to your QuickBooks software.

All you need is authorized access to the software and an Internet-connected device – laptop, desktop, or tablet, to access the data remotely. This is the power of combining cloud technology with QuickBooks’ features.

Top-notch Security

We all have encountered some security issues while working on our local computers. Whether it is malware or a cyber-attack, the results can be devastating, particularly for accounting businesses. However, if you install QuickBooks desktop software locally, you can only limit the security risk to a certain extent.

For a more secure experience, switch to QuickBooks hosting. A cloud-hosted QB solution is guarded with multiple security measures, including antivirus, malware detection system, IDPS system, encryption, and modern surveillance.

Renowned QuickBooks hosting solution providers deploy these advanced security methods to strengthen their defense against possible security attacks. Make sure you choose the right one while hosting QuickBooks on the cloud.

Cost Savings

With the world economies back on track and the reduced global impact of Covid-19, accounting businesses plan to recoup any loss they might have incurred. Setting up the local IT infrastructure for cloud migration asks for substantial financial resources, including hardware components, security products, and IT staff for maintenance.

QuickBooks hosting can help you avoid significant expenses for such needs. It is a cost-effective solution with which you can select a hosting plan based on your current needs. Then, as and when the business grows, you can scale up the chosen plan to access more cloud resources.

Enhanced Software Performance

Although QuickBooks is comprehensive accounting software, CPAs often integrate multiple add-ons with the software to extend its functional capabilities. These add-ons are third-party applications and can augment your overall QB experience. However, they often create performance issues when QuickBooks are hosted traditionally on local desktops.

In other words, QuickBooks add-on integration can overwhelm the system’s processing power, leading to poor performance. However, you can quickly get rid of such issues with the help of QuickBooks hosting providers. They will host your licensed QuickBooks software on High-Performance Computing or HPC servers that can withstand a significant computational load.

Periodic Data Backup

By installing QuickBooks software locally, you store the QB files within the local data storage. Unfortunately, the local storage capacity gets easily damaged by man-made errors and environmental factors. For your accounting business, loss of critical accounting data belonging to your clients can result in losses and hamper the growth prospects.

You can rely on a reputable QuickBooks hosting provider to provide regular data backups at different locations. They have Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers deployed to backup your data at different locations. Generally, you can also expect a 30-days rolling backup for the files saved on the cloud server.

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The bottom line

For every accounting business, it is crucial to ensure productivity at work and technological upgrades for maximum efficiency. Given the current state of companies worldwide, it is fair to assume that you will need remote access to your QuickBooks file and software. If you haven’t switched to QuickBooks yet, you should rethink your choice for 2022.

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