Tips To Organise A Successful Office Lunch Meet

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Meetings are important for all sorts of business whether you are running an eCommerce business, a consultancy or any other. You cannot make effective plans without effective communication with the team. Also, you need to hold meetings with prospective clients to grow your business. But how do you organise a meeting well? To help you with this we are sharing tips to organise office lunch meetings. Office lunch meetings are in trend and many teams meet over lunch to discuss the plans and goals for the future.

  • Invite the attendees beforehand- Nowadays everyone has a busy schedule. So the first thing you have to do is invite all the attendees of the meeting well in advance. This will help them schedule their time accordingly. It is preferable to send an official invite over the email or letter even if you have had a chat about it.
  • Selecting the venue- It is important to select a venue where all the attendees can easily come. If the venue will be too far then it can be difficult for attendees to join the meeting. If you have a separate meeting room in the office then you can get office lunch delivery and hold the lunch meeting in the office itself. This will save your time of going out and also the expenses of booking a venue.
  • Select the menu- As it is an office meeting, you have to be careful about the selection of food. You have to select the food which is easy to eat. For example, food which people can eat using the fork and spoon. Otherwise, it can be very messy for servers to serve and attendees to eat. You have to check the menu of a venue before making any final reservation. If the place does not offer the kind of food which you want for the meeting then it is a good idea to find some alternative.
  • Be punctual- When you are the organiser of the meeting it becomes very important for you to arrive early at the venue and check if everything is set according to the plan. When you are meeting with potential customers or other people of prominence it is a good idea to keep everything according to the pre-decided plan. One bad experience can take away a potential client and project from you.
  • Tea break- If your meeting is supposed to run longer then it is advisable to have a tea break in between. Without a break, it will be difficult for attendees to have complete focus. You can get afternoon tea delivery for refreshments as it will help to bring back the energy in the meeting.

At last, when you plan the office lunch meet, it is advisable to keep the agenda of the meeting clear. Focus on one wider plan. If you will try to cover as many things as possible then it will be difficult to make the meeting a productive one. If you want to order food for office lunch meet, check the Owen Brothers Catering’s meal plans. You can get the best and healthy food at affordable prices.

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