Step-By-Step Guide For Managing An Event Catering

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Organising an event can be difficult but with the right planning, you can manage it with ease. To manage the event catering easily, you will have to take care of a few things such as deciding on the menu, arranging raw materials, making guest lists and much more. Whether it is a corporate event or party at your home, using this step-by-step guide you can manage everything well. So without wasting any time, let’s dwell deep and start:

Step 1- Make a team

Doing everything on your own can be difficult. It is always a good idea to make a team so that you can delegate the work. You can share the responsibility with your fellow team members so that there remains no confusion and hassle. After making a team be sure to make someone the head so that he can keep a track of what is done and what is left.

Step 2- Budget

It is one of the first things you should focus on while planning your event catering in London. Because without having a clear budget you can’t move forward to decide things like the menu or other things. Once you have a budget in place, you can freely decide what kind of food you will have at the event. If budget is not a constraint, you can have vegetarian food, non-vegetarian food, vegan food and other varieties for the people who have special dietary needs.

Step 3- Guest count

You have to get the headcount right. Because if your actual guests would be less than the headcount, it will lead to wastage of food. If the number of people will be more than the headcount, then food will not be enough. Once you know who all will be coming to your event, you can understand what kind of food they prefer. This will help you to set the menu for the event accordingly.

Step 4- Select menu and caterer

After finalising the guest count, the next thing you have to do is select the menu and a good caterer who specializes in providing that menu. While selecting the menu, keep in mind the preference of different people. Such as some people may prefer to eat vegetarian food and some non-vegetarian food, thus it’s a good idea to have different kinds of food.

If some of your guests are expected to stay till late afternoon, then you can get the afternoon tea delivery for them. Further, you have to find a caterer who can provide you with the service which you want. Food plays an important role in any event, thus, it’s important to select the best caterer.

Step 5- Get someone to serve

On the event day, it is essential to have someone to serve the food to the guests. You can arrange the waiters beforehand so that there remains no hassle on the event day. With this, you are all done. Now you have to wait for the guests to arrive and enjoy the party.

All in all, managing an event catering involves many things. However, with the right planning, you can manage it well. Follow the points mentioned above and you will cover everything that’s required for the event catering. Enjoy!

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