Mistakes To Avoid While Planning A Party Catering

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When you start planning for your upcoming party, one of the most important things to plan is catering. Whether it is an office party or a wedding function, food plays an important role in all the parties. To provide hygienic and delectable food to your guests, it is important to select the right caterers London for your party. In this blog, we will talk about the mistakes which you must avoid while planning your party catering.

  • Improper headcount- First thing that matters in the planning of the catering is headcount or an estimate of how many people would be attending the event. Once you decide the headcount only then you can consider the other things such as venue and caterer. Because venue and sitting arrangements depend directly on the number of people attending the event. Next, depending on the headcount you will search for the caterer because some caterers are more suitable for small gatherings and some deal better with large gatherings. Without a proper headcount, you can’t get the right catering service or lunch delivery London.
  • Selecting the wrong menu- After preparing the guest list next thing you have to do is selecting the menu. Now, this is tricky, while selecting the menu most people take it wrong and select all things which they prefer to eat. On the contrary, what we have to do is select the menu based on the food preference of your guests. You would know what your close relatives and friends prefer to eat. So you can select the menu according to that. There is no meaning in selecting a vegetarian food menu when most of your guests prefer non-vegetarian food.
  • Wrong cost estimation- You have to estimate the cost for the catering right. Most people select the wrong budget or cost estimation for their party catering. You should match your catering budget with the menu and headcount you have selected. This will help you to find a suitable caterer. If your budget is way too less then you will not get quality food for your party.
  • Not checking the experience of cater- At the end, the last step is finalising a caterer for your party. Here you have to check the experience of the caterer before making any commitments. People make the mistake of not checking the experience and reviews of the caterer and hence don’t get the service according to their expectations.

Conclusively, planning an office catering needs a lot of effort. However, you can make do it well if you avoid doing the above-mentioned mistakes. In a nutshell, always make sure that how many people would be attending the party, what their food preferences are, budget for your party and check the experience of the caterer before finalising. This will make your planning easier.

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