How To Plan A Wedding Reception Party With Best Caterers?

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A wedding indeed is one of the most memorable days of life for any person. These are the moments that people cherish for their whole life. From tying a nod of forever with your special one to the get together of all your loved ones, everything holds a remarkable place in life. And to make the Wedding reception fun and pleasing for everyone, you need to plan everything beforehand.

To help you with the planning we have come up with this guide which you can use and plan. From selecting the right venue and menu to choosing the best caterers London for your reception party, we have covered everything. Let’s have a look at the steps you have to follow for doing the right planning:

Selecting a venue

Once you have selected the number of people who would be attending the party, you have to select a suitable venue for the same. If you have not selected the venue mindfully, it can ruin the whole party no matter how well you have arranged everything else. While selecting the venue, you have to keep in mind a few things such as the capacity of the venue.

It should be suitable for the gathering and headcount.
The next thing you have to decide is whether you want an indoor or outdoor venue. It depends on the weather, your personal choice and other factors. Other things which you should take into consideration is that drinking alcohol is permitted at the venue and do they provide the sitting arrangements.


After selecting the venue and deciding on the timings, you are all set to invite your friends and family members to the venue. You can design an invitation card or call your guests individually.

Decide the menu

There will be different kinds of guests at the reception party with different kinds of eating habits. You have to select a menu that will match the preferences of your guests. You will have to select the perfect menu that has vegetarian dishes as well as non-vegetarian dishes.

For the people who have special dietary requirements, you can select gluten-free and vegan food too. Without the food of their preference guests would not enjoy their time at the party. Other than the food, you have to select a variety of drinks including soft drinks as well as hard drinks.

Selecting caterer

Your work doesn’t end by deciding on the menu. After selecting the menu, you will have to find a suitable caterer who can provide you service according to that menu. Before finalising the caterer, check the online reviews of the caterer and you can also taste food prepared by them. There are some caterers who will prepare everything at the venue and some prefer to bring prepared food at the venue using chiller van hire service.

Final checklist

Prepare a final checklist that will consist of all other minor tasks such as selecting a photographer, transportation, decoration and others. This will allow you to have a final look so that you don’t miss anything.


Lastly, use this guide to make your reception party memorable and fun. This day doesn’t come again in life. Leave no stone unturned to enjoy and make memories. If you are looking for a caterer for your party, you can get in touch with Owen Brothers Catering. You can get all the facilities you need for your party catering at the most affordable prices.

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